Yandere Boy [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

Headphones for better quality.

I really can’t do long voice acting ones. In one go. Listen to the horrible pronunciations hahahahahasobsobsob

I was thinking about not posting this but eh, why the heck not. This is for MEMORY. I’m going to look back on it and hopefully think, “Oh, I got better. Haha past me sucked.” Yeeeah, I’m going to stick to shorter scripts.


Original- Yandere Heaven Volume 1: Kakeru’s Route (
Image: DeviantArt – Daenarys (
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I don’t own anything except my voice.

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22 Replies to “Yandere Boy [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]”

  1. I'm not sure why this video is suddenly being recommended (smh Youtube algorithm) but thank you to those who enjoyed this old video! As for those who didn't because my voice sounded "cringy", I apologize as I am not a professional and this was done almost two years ago.

    For those who don't read the description:
    According to few who were complaining about the originality of the script, I got the translations and romaji script from SakunocCHI (which is linked in the description) but the original is from Yandere Heaven Volume 1- Kakeru's Route, which I have now linked in the description.

    As for the picture, it's Shintaro Kisaragi from Mekakucity Actors drawn by Daenarys. I didn't even know that it was Shintaro, so good eye everyone lol.

    I claim no ownership over any of the sources except my voice, which is why I always write a disclaimer at the bottom. These are only done for fun, hence the title "Japanese Voice Acting Practice".

    Thank you for those who managed to read this far and I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

  2. MY FRIEND SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE THIS HDHDJDGGHSH especially the "eeEh?" Parts asdfghjklsmsn she be livin on anime since she was born i swear

  3. My mind : umm yes i do talk and miss even if i talk other people then what about you and i will be yours like 😙

  4. Ну наконец-то нашел что-то с русскими субтитрами !
    Спасибо вам большое

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