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XIAOMI Electric Mini Protable Shaver| REVIEW Video|Buy at Banggood

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– Lightweight and portable razor that can be placed in a pocket.

– Three-leaf combination blade, 360?to capture the beard, sharp blade, neat shaving without beard.
The blade and the cutter net are automatically ground, and the blade can be sharpened and used without frequent replacement.

– The thickness of the cutter net is only 0.07mm, it is easy to press, and the flexibility can be deformed.
For short whiskers and hard whiskers, it can be deeply shaved without leaving a stubble.
Honeycomb mesh design, the center of the outer swirling hole layout, sharply grab the beard, reduce the shaving corner

– When the beard is shaved, the sound disappears, and the sound can be used to judge whether the beard is shaved.

– The blade and the cutter net adopt an integrated design, which avoids accidental injury by the blade when disassembling or cleaning the cutter head.
It can be disassembled and assembled with a single twist. It is more reliable to clean or replace the cutter head.

– The motor speed is up to 5,500 rpm, and the power is constantly flowing.

– Press and hold the key to enter the lock of the travel lock.
During the trip, the razor is placed in the accompanying bag, which will not cause safety hazard due to accidental booting.

– IPX5 waterproof, support dry and wet double shaving, can be removed and rinsed directly under the tap.

– Type-C chargeing and lasts up to 90 minutes. It takes 8 hours to fully charge and 45 days to use.
With a charging indicator, the battery is clearly visible.
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