8 Replies to “X ManFunny Moment of Couple Selection Ep 53 Eng Sub”

  1. 0:05 – Aw, it's both sad and heartwarming to see Haha and Myungsoo helping JongKook do the New Year's bow. Shows that though JongKook looks fit and healthy his back problems were very serious at the time and shows how deep his friendship with Haha and Myungsoo that he wanted them to help him.

    2:35 – Lol, HaMyungKook! It's cute hearing KJK laughing at their silliness.

    4:32 – I love that Haha brings out KJK's silly side! They're my favorite pair of brothers, you can clearly see that both are having a fun time making each other laugh.

  2. i found kjk was funnier n more sporting after yeh left the show..i mean, when he was not in the character as a lovestruck, possessive boyfriend,..i just love the character dimension between  d trio ha myung kook..so funny!!

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