10 Replies to “[welcome2life] EP4 Jeong Ji-hoon confesss Lim Ji-yeon love , 웰컴2라이프 20190806”

  1. 비는 이제 그만 드라마에 나왔으묜..
    아주 질리고 맥풀린다
    드라마 보기도 싫어진다.
    그냥 무대에서 비트하게 춤이나 추는게 훨 연예인으로서 승부수!
    여주는 도채 누군지…
    얼굴도 알수 없는..개성엄씨 고쳐진…
    좀 본얼굴로 나왔으면..
    그런 자연스런 배우얼굴 좀 나오게 했으면…!!!

  2. Why did the writers ruin this show. I these guys hide in a room and think how devious they can be to ruin everybody's tranquil feeling of watching a family in love. I stopped watching it. How disappointing!!!

  3. Do I like the shirt or the one wearing it?
    Btw, the way he took her was pretty smooth.
    I like it. This drama is recommended if you are tired of typical routine romance, second leads, dating breakups and chaebol drama.

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