Vitamin D Supplements, Cancer Risk, Low Vitamin D-Dr Greger

Should we really take vitamin D supplements? Is there a connection between low vitamin D levels and cancer? Are you even able to absorb enough from vitamin D supplements? What should our vitamin D levels be? Can adequate vitamin D levels reduce our cancer risk? Can we increase the absorption of vitamin D supplements? Keep listening as this video answers these questions….
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Studies & Resources
Prevalence and correlates of vitamin D deficiency in US adults.

Taking vitamin D with the largest meal improves absorption and results in higher serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

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Test Vitamin D

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37 Replies to “Vitamin D Supplements, Cancer Risk, Low Vitamin D-Dr Greger”

  1. But but , skin cancer causes 💀 from the SUN but but, you need sun screen … 💀💀💀. So many people misinformed

  2. I read if you take too much vitamin d3. Your calicum goes up to protect the body which lowers vitamin d3.
    My ex was take d3 and he died stage 4 cancer in jan 2019.

  3. Chris Wark , an esteemed researcher??? Isn't this an exaggerated description for an author who reads and summarises other people's studies?

  4. A few days ago I saw a video on Pamela Poppers channel that vitamin D supplements are not good or something like that. So tired of hearing different things because idk what to do. I have a deficiency from time to time because I'm inside a lot and live in northern Europe so yeah… I also wear SPF when I'm out.

  5. I don't steep foot outside without sunscreen so I do have to supplement. And now I know I should take it with a large meal. Thanks.

  6. But excessive intake of vitamin D (as with any other nutrient) IS equally harmful!! We're better off getting our vitamins and minerals levels checked BEFORE supplementing. Btw, why is something as basic as that not done by doctors routinely?!? 🙄🤔🤔

  7. This year in January the largest and longest study on Vitamin D, with over 5 years duration and more than 25,000 people, came out and found no positive benefits from vitamin D supplements:
    Now it has also been shown that the main promoter and researcher on vitamin D, author of “The Vitamin D Solution” took money from the supplement industry for decades:

  8. Is anyone up on Pam Popper's view of vitamin D? Pam Popper is usually on point, but I thought she said not to supplement D3. I'm definitely a bit confused on whether D3 supplementation is good or not….

  9. It’s too bad they don’t have all the facts if you do not have enough cholesterol in your diet you can sit in the sun all day long you will not get any vitamin D you need cholesterol to achieve vitamin D wake up people

  10. According to this new study vitamin D does not lower our cancer risk.

  11. Michael Gregor forgot to mention that the reason why vitamin D is better absorbed with a meal is because it's fat soluble. Vegans should eat some nuts with their meal, otherwise there would be no benefit.

  12. can someone tell me what the nano-whatevers equal to in hours stayed under the sun? we have more than enough sun here now in Lebanon but I don't want to get too little (or too much).
    Also, what are the best supplements for it?

  13. Yeah had a profound effect on the dead doctors who used GcMAF to cure cancer etc. It's link for countering nagalase which is produced in cancer patients and how the vit D binding protein plays a role. David Noakes and others need your help. Here is a link to a PDF showing a diagram of how it works

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