Unboxing Sharp Roku TV | Sharp TV Review | Girl setting up heavy Roku TV

Get you a Sharp TV from Amazon.
LG TV Review – IT SUCKS!!!!!
Here I am unboxing my new Sharp Roku TV … by myself. It’s HUGE TV so I do struggle a little lol. But you’ll see how to put it together, the feet, and that’s pretty much that’s all there is to it.
I exchanged my LG webOS TV for a Sharp Roku TV. So many issues with the LG TV. My Sharp TV has been great so far and I love that it has all the apps it comes with and the ROKU remote app that I can get on my phone. This 58 inch Sharp Roku TV was the same price as the smaller LG TV so … I’m super happy.
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20 Replies to “Unboxing Sharp Roku TV | Sharp TV Review | Girl setting up heavy Roku TV”

  1. Your a HOOT, but i have a question….. I recently just bought a Sharp Model LC-24LB601U Rev.A ROKU television at Best Buy. They seemed to not be able to help me with this question.

    I have the TV hooked to a Wally Satellite Receiver via the HDMI input 1 on the TV. Every time i turn on the tv i have to use the TV Remote to switch it over to the HDMI Input that the tv is hooked to.

    MY question is, is there a setting or a way so that when i use the Wally Remote power button to turn the tv on and it automatically is tuned to the HDMI input? Without having to find the tv remote and switch it over.

  2. I bought mines 2 days ago and now the TV doesn't want to turn on the red light on the corner is on but the TV doesn't want to turn on any advice?

  3. She's a turn on! Roku smart TV operating system does not have an Internet browser to enable visiting your choice of Internet address. Can not download a browser app such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
    LG TV have WebOS as operating system with browser called WebBrowser. Android operating system may be desirable as can download apps from Google Play store.

  4. You are funny and strong woman (how did you lift up the TV😱) and look so good. Anyway, now you can watch my videos on your new TV 😁😉

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