48 Replies to “Twisted Metal 2 All Endings”

  1. Cult like none adderall they threaten money they provide little nemo on hbo said bite hand at doctor put in fairfield connecticut

  2. Well to be fair, the guys of the monster truck would have ended up in the planes from 9/11 or the malaysian airlines one.

  3. I love that "chuckle" (mainly on warthog and hammerhead's endings) before he says "I am Calypso and I thank you for playing twisted metal." Lol

    I had all of these.

  4. The only one I didn’t really like is Sweet Tooth. He shouldn’t have wished for anything at all, after all he is a serial killer at heart. Competing in a tournament where you can kill people in drouths would be it’s own reward.

  5. 14:10 So in the process of giving Warthog a younger body, he also shrunk his head too just for laughs?

    Or is that just a stylistic thing, much like in Fist of the North Star, where the artist makes normal height men suddenly become Godzilla sized during the fight scenes?

  6. 6:34 Actor: The script says "accent". What kind of accent does a guy named "Simon Wittlebone" have?

    Director: A foreign accent, obviously.

    Actor: ..sigh…

  7. Did minion say “Time to rot in hell with your little sister!” Did I hear that right? I didn’t know he had a sister

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