Trying to fix LED LCD TV No Picture screen Part 2

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41 Replies to “Trying to fix LED LCD TV No Picture screen Part 2”

  1. Hi. I've got an issue with my HP monitor (Z34c) and I'm not having any luck finding information about what the problem might be. I've even posted on the HP support forums to no avail. Of course, the issue began after the warranty expired. I'm not sure if the problem is a bad LCD panel, a bad ribbon cable, or something else. Is there a way I can share a couple of pix with you?

  2. It could also happen (took me a month to find out), that you change all led strips and still get a flash and a turn off. But watching carefully, it was only half of the strips flashing.. there was a broken connector in a led strip. So I had all leds ok and voltages ok, but the problem was a connection! CHECK CONTINUITY BETWEEN POWER SOURCE AND LEDS, ALD BETWEEN LEDS. A simple bypass between strips and the TV is back on!!

  3. I have a LG 55 LD 520-ua, 2010, blinks twice then goes black? I’ve tried plug and unplug, the strips into logistics board checked all Caps and boards look ok and still the same problem I’m thinking led drivers ?? Any ideals, stand by light is on, no menu with flashlight test?? Thanks. I enjoy your blogs

  4. I have a sharp lc-50lb261u has no picture it has sound and picture with a flashlight no backlights and I just bought a power supply/ led board and it still doesn't work is it something else or the led strips

  5. My TV started acting up the other day. started looking on line for the same problem – no luck. wondering if you had any advice. TV turns on fine, however the image is mirrored and split down the middle of the screen, from the left edge to the middle is what is happening on the right side and the same for middle to right edge is what is happening on left side. plus it is backwards. Menu is the same way. got any ideas ??

  6. Love the videos! Quick question. My e601i-a3 60 “ visio led tv went black. No backlight but I get picture with flashlight. I replaced the power supply. Did not fix it. What next???

  7. Hey so I found this TV outside and the screen turned on but the buttons on the side dont seem to be working any videos you made that help with this problem?

  8. Pushed eject button for builtin DCD player and DVD stuck, screen went to green then red, then blue then black to syatic grey/white. Had to unplug tv to shut it off. Green lite power lite on, yellow lite next to it on. Remote didnt work either.
    Magnavix 42" 6-7yrs old. Help?

  9. I have a Samsung 60" UN60FH6003FXZA TV with no video or audio, back-lights don't light at all. Standby light comes on and blinks (8 times and shuts off). I tried shining a flashlight on the screen and didn't see anything on the screen. I have checked the fuse on the power supply and it looks good. I have looked at all three boards closely (layman, not electronics tech eyes) and see no obvious shorts or cracked solder.

    For a couple of months before the TV died it would be on for a few hours and just randomly shut off. Right before it died, it was hard to turn on but would eventually come on if it was unplugged and left for a while.

    I can probably afford one board to try and replace before I have to give up and get rid of it. Any suggestions?

  10. Hey man, I have a TCL 55s401 sound but no picture. I have changed the Tcon board and the power board, still same issue. LEDs light up. What can be the problem now? PLEASE HELP!!

  11. Hi my sony bravia LCD turns off immediately after i turn it on. when i turn it on the sony logo will appear with the sound and then it goes. then only red light is blinking … i have unplugged the power from the source and waited for 10 minutes and i have disconnected everything from the TV but the issue still persist .. can you please advise what is the issue

  12. I have an LED TV for which I have checked the power board a per your video. I do not have 5v standby voltage and the LED Voltage out is 21v. So, I replaced the power board and it did not fix. Help. What should I do next?

  13. At least you gave it a try and did your best. That was fairly informative, thanks for sharing your knowledges. ANd yes i want more tech repairs videos like this one, no matter what it's a fail or success. Sorry for my bad english spoken i'm from france. Keep the good job up, peace.

  14. I have a Panasonic th-50px80u and can only see 1/4 top image and the rest is black I do have audio and sometimes flickers on like it wants to come back on but not sure what it is thnx if could help

  15. My 4 year old just threw a cup at the tv and now the point of impact looks like a dot crack, and from it is vertical lines and parallel lines…’s Vizio “52 smart tv……what do I do?

  16. LG 47LN5790 sound and no pic but can see voltage of 79 to both lcd outputs and sb voltage is there..think main board is gone?

  17. Can you help me please, I have a line in my tv. And do not know how I fix this comb. It is a very thin purple line. About ten cm from the left. Thanks in advance

  18. Did you chack the connections between the T-COM board and the LCD panel ? Sometimes they got this tiny ICs that go bad and all you have to do ia change the cables to restore the image ! That happened to me in a Panasonic unit and a Toshiba , I have never worked this problem in a Samsung though .

  19. You know that happened to my t.v. last week & I didn't figure it out until my buddy looked @ the situation! I'm not saying yours is the same cause but mine was the ribbon going to my t-con board!!! I didn't replace any of my boards or anything just the ribbons & was just like new. I payed $20 dollars for the t.v. & that was a good $20! Ribbons were free from my other 55" vizio (parts t.v.) Always enjoy your videos tampatec. We win some & lose some part of the trade

  20. You could have tried cutting the feed to the horizontal drivers in the screen. Might have been able to save it. Most tvs (not all) can work with just the left or the right being driven.

  21. I have an lg I replaced a tcon and no picture, disconnected one side of the ribbons and half picture, hope I just have a bad ribbon

  22. Thanks, just suggestion for this problem I have the same in star light TV 50" when I replace t- con board and turn on with white and gry horizontal lines ,TV is on for 3 or 5 minutes ,I turned off for a monument and turn on TV fixed.

  23. I literally just had the same exact problem on what looks yo be the same exact t.v. all the boards are the same. Bought replacements on ebay now I have to sell both sets of boards back on ebay at a loss for money. Had the tv cluttering my studio for a few months before I decided to finally give up because I was so determined to make my money back as I was told the LCD ribbon cable was fixable by one of the people I bought from on ebay. Never found anyone who could or would do a repair on it.

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