Trying Burger King's NEW Impossible Whopper!!

Burger King has finally released the long awaited Impossible Whopper. This sandwich contains all the ingredients of the Original Whopper with one exception – the patty is 100% PLANT BASED! What does it taste like? I find out!
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0 Replies to “Trying Burger King's NEW Impossible Whopper!!”

  1. My new podcast is now up! it's a really interesting show this week about Bigfoot and Similar Creatures. I hope you can give it a listen!

  2. I know it kills the vegan thing but these burgers are massively more convincing as beef with the addition of a cheese slice.

  3. 4:40 first and foremost I sir would like to apologize for the black women that you had to deal with… we are not all that way

  4. I am commenting before I have watched the video, but I have to say I think everything from burger king is disgusting pig slop, I can not imagine there plant based burger will be anything but disgusting……I guess we will see…

  5. Hey kid, I love how sharp you are always dressed and the setting for your videos. I can't stop looking at your glass on that gorgeous table without a coaster though! 😉

  6. Humans are carnivores. Keep on slaughtering the cows. Humans are not Geese, birds, ducks, deer, pandas, chickens….. The human brain requires fat!!!!!

  7. Had the impossible burger today. One thing for sure it remind me of a meat burger texture wise. Taste wise I preferred the regular veggie pattie lol.

  8. The desk clerk on Bad Times at El Royal
    The wierd skinny kid in road trip that owns the car they take
    Napoleon Dynomites older brother, I think his name is Kip

  9. If you like the taste of liver, the Impossible Burger is for you. Tried it twice, and both times the burger was deep fried and tasted like liver.

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