TP LINK Power Bank TL-PB10400: USB Portable Battery Charger; TP Link Power Bank unboxing and review

Unboxing and review of the portable USB charger TP-Link Power Bank 10400mAh, the best power bank for iPhone and iPad I used so far. Check it out on Amazon:

Can you believe it is been 10 months since I bought this Power Bank?! This review was hugely overdue. Before buying my electronics, I research a lot, I read and watch a bunch of reviews myself. When I finally make my decision and buy it, I immediately record videos of my unboxing, but these files very often rest untouched on an external hard drive for quite a time while I use the product and have my personal feeling about it.

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TP-Link TL-PB10400

Details about the “mAh” numbers and charge efficiency and capacity:

This article in my website:

I had plenty of time to use it charging my iPhone and iPad on some trips here in Spain – so nice when you can walk the whole day long not worrying about your devices’ power. You simply charge them on the go. I don’t even put them in my backpack: I keep my iPhone plugged with its lightning cable directly in the power-bank in my pocket… the cable doesn’t bother me, and it remains 100% charged even when I am taking photos like crazy 🙂 My mother also loved it… I had to give my power bank to her and buy me a new one later.

For any USB powered/chargeable mobile device you take with you on a backpack (smartphones, tablets, cameras, gamepads, joysticks, remote-controls), this portable charger is a no brainer: just plug the USB cable. Its hight capacity allows you to keep everything charged on the go – no need to lose time waiting near an outlet anymore.

There is only one thing I can think of that would make this product ever better for iPhone/iPad users: it could have a built-in lightning cord-plug… Just don’t forget to bring your Apple lightning cable with you and there will be no problem.

Once more, this review is not sponsored. My choice, I bought the product myself, my opinions.

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20 Replies to “TP LINK Power Bank TL-PB10400: USB Portable Battery Charger; TP Link Power Bank unboxing and review”

  1. TP-Link TL-PB10400 on Amazon:

    If you buy anything on Amazon using this affiliate link, I get a small commission at no extra cost for you – thank you so much for supporting my channel!

  2. I bought it randomly in a shop when I was in my teenage years. Using it since 2014 until now. It lasted longer than my phone (Had changed two phones throughout the years) 😂
    Definitely worth it!

  3. Nice review. I bought exactly the same one in a MediaMarkt in Greece while I was on my round the world trip. I got so fed up find places to charge my phone and so on. With this thing I only had to find once a week a place to charge and the rest I could wild camp it was amazing! I have it for 3/4 years now and I'm still using it.

  4. Nice vid but next time say phone instead of Iphone because you know… everyone doesn't have an Iphone. Many people also have android phones like me:-)

  5. Colega VC percebeu q o micro USB ao carregar ela fica meio solto? Não achei que fica muito fixo o cabo, sera q e só o meu ou você não percebeu isso?

  6. Um dos motivos que peguei este modelo recentemente foi especialmente por você ter resumido perfeitamente sobre o produto, tanto o produto e seu conteúdo são ótimos, continue assim! ^^
    O estranho que para mim não veio essa bolsa de veludo, de resto confesso que é tudo original…talvez a nossa versão brasileira (ou nova?) tiraram isso, mas de qualquer forma ótimo negócio!

  7. My brother has been using this for a fews years already. When my power bank died last December, I bought this one as well which I am thankful for and indeed, it is a fast charge.

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