Tour de France 2019 Stage 19 Highlights: Chaos On The Col de l'Iseran

Another short and steep Tour de France stage but with plenty of drama upon the slopes of Europe’s highest pass the Col d l’Iseran which tops out at 2770m. Don’t miss our highlights for all of the action as a shock blizzard changed the race… This isn’t a livestream but it’s the only Tour Highlights you’ll need. #TdF2019
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Can anyone beat Egan Bernal now? Should the stage have been shortened?
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0 Replies to “Tour de France 2019 Stage 19 Highlights: Chaos On The Col de l'Iseran”

  1. Bernal should have been awarded this stage victory because times were taken at the summit. Bernals ride rings of froome at the Giro 2018

  2. It's about time a non white person wins this race. I'm very surprised they let him compete. It's usually reserved only for Europeans.

  3. Tour de France can not make you right with God, it can not save your soul from Hell… Only Jesus can so, please seek the Lord while he may be found…

    Hell is real and most people are headed there 😞

  4. everything is stil open, a lot of things can happen , and because today climb is very long, there are moments when its get more flat, and riders can catch a breath, so alaphilippe stil has a chance. alaphilippe and his fans were sad, because he would have gotten time back in the desent, or even get to group kruijswijk and thomas, but like a former rider said, he probably had to loss on the last climb again and probably loose more time as it is now, in fact all riders had benefits and disadvantages of the cancelled climb

  5. we did not know what happen to stage 19 in this video the race is stop. how come egan bernal will be in the overall in classification

  6. alaphillipe's descent showed so much panache and bravery, showed the rest of the world what wearing yellow means to the french… skill and madness in equal measure… chapeau

  7. Tomorrow 33 Km climb to the finish, really hope to see a showdown featuring G Thomas & E Bernal. May the force be with you. Ineos/Sky will win yet again, but this year's TdF was captivating. Really looking forward to the Vuelta!

  8. This is the first year that I've watched every stage of the tour and it kinda sucks knowing that there will probably never be a crazier, more exciting TDF.

  9. So refreshing to see that Columbian drug cartels have no say in the outcome of the Tour de France……………oh, wait a minute…………..

  10. Egan for good now – if the HC is not canceled for tomorrow, E never gan come back.

    I was hoping for some French tops, and when we saw Thibaut fall, well, 'twas thought that he who would not countenance the fleers and scorn of those who would leave yon french crushing a cup of whine in arrears, would strike.
    Alas! One o f his nine lives was spent below, and 'e, too, was gone, before Egan could be challenged to turn and draw.

    In truth, I had no favorites, desiring that all would be favored.
    A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
    The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head:
    Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
    Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished:
    For never was a story of more woe –

    many have thought to come, but Egan, 'e go.

  11. Just found out tomorrow's stage was modified considerably to 26 kilometer of flat racing and then the Val Thorens. The most thrilling Tour in a generation ends anti-climatically. Unless……….all of the contenders along with support riders, attack straight out of the gate. Why not? I know everyone is experiencing a new level of fatigue, but tomorrow is the last chance to make history. It is do-able! All of this is easy for me to say because I am not riding the Tour, but millions of cycling fans will never know that I ever existed, either. Tomorrow is a day that can make lifelong dreams come true. Best of luck, guys!

  12. Any event HOSTING like HBO, NBA, IBO, NFL, FIFA, UFC wants action, blood and drama, this director goes; I don't care if they get upset or less TV rating my duty is for the safety of the riders. O-O I haven't seen that in a long time. My hat off to him…I'm sure they took it to the teeth.

  13. Great coverage
    All thanks to these riders putting it all out there and providing a visual spectacle of a Tour
    Bernal earned it, JA was valiant but it’s just not his year as it appears, I’ve really been in his corner and still cling to some hope for him but realism being what it is, Bernal takes yellow to Paris and it’s a good win.

  14. Rafał Majka..but hi is off TDF 2019 or Kwiatkowski world champ Ineos support G..for my opinion Alaphilipe is grate cyclist!!! Alez Julian!! Sorry Ineos but G and his ride is boring..attack 26sec..E.Bernal young and strong! Well done

  15. They had no other choice than to shortened the stage, the road was cut by mudflow and snow ! I do think it was better not to cancel the stage, Bernal was the strongest today and should get some reward ! I'm so sad for Pinot, I'm pretty sure he would have won this without this injury. And I'm not sure he will have another shot, Bernal will become even stronger with the years…

  16. Hate to tell you but tomorrows stage wont change anything after they have shortened it to 59 km only including the Val Thorens climb.

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