0 Replies to “Tour de France : 2 time top 10 finisher joins for training”

  1. Fokof! Lol.
    But the women behind the scenes really don't get the credit they deserve. Keep going Mande and Willie.
    Content quality increasing steadily. More afrikaans!

  2. Great Vlog but you really need to resolve your audio issues!!!!!!! It's super low and sounds distant when you speak so you probably need a different mic………………………………………….

  3. Thanks Willie,can't be often that you are able to get together and ride with other SA pro's. Would have been great to hear from Louis!

  4. He is so lucky to have such a wonderful, fantastic, lovely wife!! 🙂 🙂
    Being a professional cyclist, and having a woman of such caliber by your side is heaven, both very lucky, the very best for both of you!!!

  5. Great Video!!! How come you are taking the Aero and not the Ultimate on your hill climbs ? You don't like the ultimate or do you think it just wouldn't make that much of a difference?

  6. it's safe to say that, regardless of the profession or goal, a great many ambitions have been derailed by an unsupportive partner and propelled by a supportive one.

  7. Willie, I really like your vlogs, but in nearly all of them the sound level dynamics are off, i.e. the loud parts are too loud, the quiet too quiet. Pls fix as that can really distract from your quality content. Bangin music though 😊

  8. Go Mande good luck. Great video's Willie the sound level on this video was a bit suspect. Any chance you'll meet up with Alex Dowsett now he's moved to Andorra

  9. I'm not a professional cyclist, but at least I'm a cyclist so Willie could you do me a favour? Please produce a video showing your wife doing the household, cooking, go shopping and all this stuff. And then, next time when my girl friend is moaning about the fact that I'm on my bike for hours again, I'll show her this video saying only three words: watch and understand. Thanks. 😉

  10. Again these training videos are great! Would love a bit more commentary on what you do on them efforts and climbing wise

  11. It's so good see how a pro cyclist live. Thank you! Can I ask you one thing? How many w/kg do you have? And good luck for the Tour ✊🏼✌🏻

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