Top 25 things to do in Sapa, Vietnam: TourPeer

If you’re planning to visit Sapa-“The Tonkinese Alps”, here is our list of top 25 things to do in Sapa, Vietnam –
1. Shop the Handicrafts Market. And, find yourself just the right bracelet !
2. Ride a hot air balloon and find your joy:
3. Go on a Motorbike tour:
4. Take a sneak peek from a cable car
5. Enjoy a Barbecue Night
6. Be a Local; and plant some lush rice fields:
7. Fulfill Your Heart’s Stomach with delicious Local Cuisine
8. Drape yourself in Colorful and Traditional Sapa clothing
9. Wait for the Sapa Love Market, it’s worth the wait:
10. Enjoy the warm morning Sun, and forget your blues.
11. Take a walk beneath the Love Waterfalls-
12. Take a H’mong Sewing Class
13. Meet with the Locals
14. Savour the Endless Fields that adorn this Land:
15. Ride the gorgeous tram and feel wonderful inside
16. Be mindful of your every breath…it’s effortless here to do so! :
17. Relish the Gorgeous Sapa Valley
18. Try A Waterfall Hike. Then, take a break to Eat, Breathe and Pray!
19. Gift yourself a flowery get together with the local world.
20. Visit a Spa in Sapa
21. Go for a Solo Mud Bath. Or, Go For It Together
22. Enjoy the different kinds of green outdoors
23. Try to run across the cheerful fields-
24. Go and peek inside a Stilt House
25. Trek the Terraced Farms and get some Exercise in Sapa Vietnam trekking
26. Bonus: Hire a Local as your Guide. Hire a TourPeer.
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