The Hottest Pro Bikes Of The Tour de France 2019

Ollie and Dan were on the ground at the Tour de France and checked out the hottest bikes of this year’s race. With many bike brands using le Tour as an opportunity to launch new models and display custom road bikes for their star riders, some of the best pro bikes come from the Tour.
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0 Replies to “The Hottest Pro Bikes Of The Tour de France 2019”

  1. If they know tubeless is more aero and rolls better.. plus they often add ballast to the bikes anyway… Why not run it all time? Lol.

  2. So last year everyone had disc brakes because sponsors. Now they can choose again and there's a split.

    I'm keeping my rim brakes.

  3. Clearly the technology has plateaued on so many fronts. What we see here is a replication of the same across all the brands. There's little, if anything, to distinguish one brand from another. You could argue that competition across the brands pushes innovation. But wait a sec, a bicycle is still a relatively simple machine and we've already had great bikes for almost 20 years now, if not more. You could even get a great bike back in Merckx's day.
    Second point, UCI should seriously consider having a standard issue bike for all the teams to use in unison. It's such a wasted effort to weigh and spec each brand individually according to the rules. As a cyclist I'm sure people will appreciate the disdain for wasted efforts.

  4. Yes, yes. I can look at the bike without your yammering on. What I would like to hear more of is what features make the bike faster? What makes it more comfy? What makes it handle better? What makes it better to ride when you’re sitting on it? I really don’t give a rats ass about the fracking paint or decals. Performance vs perception. Fashion is evil people taking money from stupid people.

  5. Unless you’re in a race there is no reason for a light weight bike. Isn’t that the reason we workout, because it’s tough?

  6. what happens if a bike starts out at the UCI weight limit, say heavier bottles or maybe magnetic weights on the handlebars or something and then during the race the rider pops them off? do they weigh it again at the end of the race?

  7. I have not seen any 'enhanced' oval front chain rings, as in the ones Chris Froom used to use, which were nearly flat on some sides, like a squared off ring.
    Are these still being used or were they 'outlawed'?

  8. So Cannondale finally joins the bunch of run-off-the-mill, seatstay-on-halfmast disc-aero bikes. But the prize for the ugliest bike in the peloton as usual goes to Pinarello for their new folding bike.

  9. S-works for me by a country mile. Such a cool and futuristic looking bike.

    I've never understood the hype about custom paint jobs. It's all about functionality for me.

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