2 Replies to “Terracotta Hotel & Resort – Da Lat – Vietnam”

  1. dont be fooled. it is a shit hotel, messy, very ugly service. especially the so called director at the reception (mr dung). quite far from city and any facility. only one restaurant with a very limited options (which belongs to hotel) and 4 times higher charge than any other restaurant in dalat city. carpets too dirty, windows glasses probably never cleaned before. and room is cold, even in summer time. hotel never worths what you pay for, quite expensive. there is a free shuttle bus to city center once a day, if you miss it, have to take taxi which takes 30 mins and minimum 20$ plus return 20$. this is my personal experience when i stayed with my family in last summer. I m living in vietnam for 10 years, never seen such poor hospitality.

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