TCL Unleash 75-inch 8 Series 4K Mini LED TV: 1000 Zones, QLED, $2999

TCL, America’s fastest-growing TV brand, has revealed the final specifications of the company’s new 8 Series Mini LED television which will go on sale in the USA around October 2019.
Key features include Mini-LED backlight with more than 25000 LEDs, 1000 local dimming zones, quantum dot technology with 100% DCI-P3 colour volume, AIPQ machine-learning-based video processing engine, Roku TV platform, HDR support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, automatic TV colour calibration with mobile phone app, Dolby Atmos audio, as well as Auto Game Mode switching.
The 4K TCL 8 Series will be available from October, with the 65-inch (65Q825) and 75-inch (75Q825) priced at $1999 and $2999 respectively. 8K models will be launched in 75 inches and larger with a targeted release date of early next year.
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21 Replies to “TCL Unleash 75-inch 8 Series 4K Mini LED TV: 1000 Zones, QLED, $2999”

  1. is that led repairable ??? If not, don't buy, it will burn out /short out especially after warranty date , your need total new panel, it equals new TV price, this already happen to early oled 2015 LG TV,

  2. I must say it feels like a TCL sponsored video which doesn’t add to your credibility. I realise you need to make a living but this is not the way.

  3. I can't not believe so far that there is a perfect TV with a reasonable price it's like a dream , high contrast deep black , and we know TCL panels have low input lag and response time , But the big setback if it's 60hz for future consoles we need 120hz

  4. when the tcl 8k models will be release in usa? i see at the official site they have the 8 series but with the 4k not 8k version,is not the same no?

  5. I ahs LG oled but hate the bigass remote, the buttons make creaking sound. Roku has best remote and i like soft rubber buttons that are quiet!

  6. Wait for this TV : Oled are disposable and not bright enough, they have also presented burn in problems within 4,000 hours of use despite LG claiming 30,000, that is only 2 years of 5 hours a day use, I am eco-friend and I need a good television for at least 10 years, until (8k / microled) arrive at a cheap price.

    Nowaday nobody buy a tv just to see a movie on weekend, tv are entertaiment stations thefore must last, on normal use without limitations.

  7. Well, its been revealed that TCL won't be releasing its mini led TV's in the UK. The only model the UK is going to get a shitty cheap edgelit none mini led none QLED model, the TCL EC78. Just what the UK needs, another cheap shitty edgelit TV to go along with all the many others. I had my money ready for a mini led TCL 55X815 and now we can't fucking get one here. Why do we keep getting shitted on in the UK? The US market has tons of full array local dimming sets to choose from and we have just overpriced Samsungs. And i don't want to buy OLED because i don't want to risk burn in. Looks like my only option is to buy a cheap shitty edgelit LED tv with a fuck ton of light bleed and shitty black levels.

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