6 Replies to “Style ProShow Producer Happy Birthday”

  1. @KaterinaPatrick Yes
    It's pretty good, Xi
    But this makes ProShow slow and sometimes the program stops working
    Thank you for all your general kindness
    You my love and my thanks and appreciation

  2. @snjor101 Yes, it's a large file size, but, it's a very good quality… sorry if that is a problem, but, we not want a bad quality work…. for have a good view, play, and pause directly… stay a little, for download, and start again… but, we not want get on line a work on bad quality…. Friendly, Patrick and Katerina.

  3. Large size files
    There are lighter and Style in size but have large
    It takes a lot of time while downloading
    Is there an answer to this problem Shafi

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