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  1. When I rewatched running man since Ji hyo joined the running man, I never liked and felt the chemistry between her and Gary as the monday couple seriously. I really felt that ji hyo and jong kook has a strong chemistry since then. I hope spartace will be a couple, don’t date… Get married u both!!!

  2. Both look like they adore each other and Ji Hyo unnie made a lot of attempts (hugs, touches) as if sending signals to JK oppa….recent RM kinda made my heart fluttering, watching these two members interacting (JK oppa blushed a lot and Ji Hyo unnie smiled and laughed heartily)..love them both

  3. It's just my opinion, maybe I should start writing my own delusional romance fanfics lol. So I was watching the first episodes of RM and I feel like Jihyo has always liked Jongkook from the beginning but Jongkook seemed a bit hesitant and did not seemed to be interested in Jihyo. But then the plot twist happened and Gary started liking Jihyo for real so Jihyo was kind of got forced into Monday Couple for viewership and ratings. Idk to me Jihyo always seemed kinda uncomfortable with Gary and Monday Couple romances. So Jongkook stepped down for Gary since they're good friends. But now since Gary is married, I'm seeing new hopes for my Spartace couple lol. It seems like lately Jongkook is looking at Jihyo from a whole new light lmao. I know I know I'm delusional and it's mostly unlikely they'll end up together but let me die alone with my happy delusional thoughts peacefully lol.

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