Tim and Fin travel 3 weeks through southern Vietnam including:
– Crossing the border in a van from Sihanoukville to Phu Quoc
– Seeing loads of trash on Phu Quoc Island
– Flying to Saigon
– Buying Motorbikes in Saigon
– Driving from Saigon to Mui Ne
– Visiting the Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne
– Driving from Mui Ne to Da Lat
– Visiting Waterfalls in Da Lat
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We’re traveling full time, living on our own terms and showing you the up-close-and-personal details of us figuring it out along the way. Sometimes it’s about navigating big, life-altering decisions. Sometimes it’s about navigating the seemingly lawless free-for-all that is driving in Hanoi. It’s moments of triumph and moments of panic. The good, the bad, the ugly – and most importantly, the real and real funny.
We’re not here to tell you “how it’s done.” Just how we’ve done it. And that whatever it is that’s calling you – the way you’ll do it is much more attainable than it may seem. We believe the world’s a more interesting place when people reject convention in favor of what they actually care about. This is us putting that idea to the test – one budget spreadsheet, RV renovation and mountain-peak drone video at a time.


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0 Replies to “SOUTHERN VIETNAM – Tim + Fin Travel”

  1. Awesome vid guys. Question: how do you record your map scribbles? They're a really cool way of showing trip routes. Thanks

  2. Im really enjoying watching this in-between editing your future videos :P, I'm literally alt-tabing every time my computer needs to render something 😂What an adventure!

  3. I find that the monkeys can get violent. I saw them bite someone in Angkor Wat and knock down a small child. They are nice to see from afar. Not my cup of tea. I am scared of them.

  4. A little planning, a little luck and a lot of adventure. To bad the bikes suck but they did provide a challenge by the look of it. Amazing.

  5. Music Video – Hilarious.

    Tunnel tour – So interesting and so intense being surrounded by groups and having the language barrier to deal with as well would be overwhelming! Thank you for finding a way through though as it was the first time we've ever seen inside those tunnels.

    Riding the bikes through Vietnam was amazing to watch and something that might just go on my bucket list.

    Roller coaster looked so fun too!

    Cant wait for the next video! ❤️

  6. I know I've said this before but I believe this is one of your best and about the time I say you'll come out with another one that blows me away also oh I just have to say I love all your videos can't wait till the next one superfan

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