Song Ji Hyo's Cuteness Brings Chills to People's Spines [Running Man Ep 466]

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26 Replies to “Song Ji Hyo's Cuteness Brings Chills to People's Spines [Running Man Ep 466]”

  1. she tried too hard i think. not her style. she is turning 40 next year (korean age). unlike male, you dont often see a korean woman at this age being active in demanding variety show like rm. i think her time is up in rm. well it doesnt mean she needs to leave she is very important to rm because of her fanbase. but perhaps she should step back, let the younger ones do the job in rm, while she starts thinking about other things, i would love to see her involve more in acting. she being an actress i dont recall many famous titles of her to date. even worse, when talks about movie, she is more known as her role in frozen flower by many male fans. that is kinda sad. wish her all the best and i hope her fans stop attacking somin because it wont do any good to anyone

  2. Funny how ppls said "ji hyo didn't get to much screen time bcoz she's not active" are u sure about that?? That what u see after they edit the show..come on one ep sometime take more than 10 hours shooting n u said "song ji hyo not active" for sure the editor cut her scene..but when RM fanmeeting is coming, they will used song ji hyo n give her many screen time..bcoz they know how popular song ji hyo n they try to promote their fave..😏😏

  3. The end comment tho….. I'm so sad she said that they can't date each other because they are family (╥﹏╥)

  4. For years now, We've seen how vicious Ji Hyo is and although she's sweet to RM peeps, she's exceptionally sweet to Jong Kook. They've been joking around about them being sweethearts and you can really sense that they just keep it to themselves as they still have to be professionals. Come on, they're mature people and really serious ones that they usually deny it in public not to affect each other's career, even if we see how they care for each other behind-the-scene. They like each other but well, as Ji Hyo have said… "we're family". So for as long as they're both in RM, they will have to hold their feelings to themselves. Haha is JongKook's very close friend and we, men, normally joke around shipping our friend with a girl when we know it's definitely a match. Haha might tease JK to other guests but it's never the same to JK and JH.

    Hopefully, their ship won't sail away from each other as sometimes time let us look around too much… losing focus and getting lost. I would really like them to be together, if not, then their feelings for each other will just stay and die with them.

  5. Whatever how hard we shipper , if they in running man , they cant be a real couple 🙁 they family , so sad , ihate it 😣 but i love ace jihyo in running man.

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