Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Event In 6 Minutes

At its 2019 Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Note10, which now comes in two sizes. The company also showed off the Galaxy Book S — a Windows 10 laptop that will be available starting in September. Here’s everything that was shown off.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Event In 6 Minutes


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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Event In 6 Minutes”

  1. One piece of advice to all those are going to buy new phones, don’t buy iPhone instead buy a Note 10 it is way superior than the IPhone 11 series.

  2. Samsung just copied Apple by getting rid of headphone jack. As soon as apple does something popular companies will follow if it makes money.

  3. Samsung why you do this? No better camera? 60hz? Better battery life? 5G Support? European gets a better chipset than the US? No thanks, I'll wait till you come up something better than me looking like Harry Potter with that pen gimmick. Ill stick with my Note 8 and save my $1300 USD until 2020

  4. What I like about Samsung is that their phones r long lasting. I'm still using a note 4 and it works like a dream.

  5. I have a note7 and note 8 (using both) and i can say the note died at 7. 7 was the last to have comfortable design for general people yet appeal to workhorse guys. 8 onwards you get that weird aspect ratio and a bunch of minus features. I enjoy my note 7 more than the note 8. Since the 10 now dont even have a jack and that shitty camera hole, you are not getting any $$ from me sammy

  6. Here comes the s10 note, n dat too without headphone jack.. n I dont know where to insert that 3.5 Jack ' may b probably in my ass😜😜😜

  7. In my country, we got a Samsung Smart TV and Free Galaxy Buds as our S10 pre order bonus.

    And I've got to be honest here. Ever since I've been using the Galaxy Buds, I haven't use my headphone jack. Wireless is just plain so much better.

  8. Can we please just appreciate samsung to put headphone jack as long as possible
    .. apple ditch that hp jack 3yrs ago

  9. Samsung is clearly killing Apple with so many features, beautiful design , notch less phone (ugly notch on top end model iPhone) and products in all departments with very reasonable price vs Greedy, Over priced Apple products .
    Samsung Watch vs Apple Watch ,
    Samsung Book vs Apple MacBook,
    Samsung Note 10/S10 vs Apple iPhone Xs/XS Max,
    Samsung Tab S6 vs Apple iPad .

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