Safari: How to save the free ProfessorWord bookmarklet

How to save the free ProfessorWord bookmarklet to Safari:

1. Make sure your Bookmarks Bar is visible. If it’s not, press Shift + ⌘ + B
2. Drag the “Run ProfessorWord!” button to your Bookmarks Bar

That’s it! As you browse the web, select the “Run ProfessorWord!” button to get definitions with just a click. We even automatically highlight all the SAT/ACT vocabulary words found on the page and analyze the text complexity (coming soon!) of the page.

Whether you’re a teacher or a student studying for the SAT/ACT, learning English, or just looking to improve your vocabulary, find out how ProfessorWord can help you!

To save ProfessorWord to another browser/device:


To learn how to use ProfessorWord:


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