S.C.A.T. (SxCxAxTx) – Desire of Ugliness to Live Artistically FULL ALBUM (2019 – Groovy Goregrind)

Tupa-tupa coprogrind band from Bryansk, Russia since 2006. This is their fresh new album, that came out as a 2-way split with Pigtails (erotic grinders from Mexico).

Released on June 2019 (CD format) by Base Record Production.

Digital version here:

01.[00:00] Intro
02.[00:41] Person with a Toilet Bowl
03.[02:06] The Entertainer skit1
04.[02:36] Fart aka Hurricane
05.[04:56] The Entertainer skit2
06.[05:36] Grumpy Mole
07.[07:35] The Entertainer skit3
08.[08:12] Happy Milkman
09.[10:18] The Entertainer skit4
10.[11:20] Epileptic Scum Party
11.[13:37] The Entertainer skit5
12.[14:23] ZH.U.ZH.A.
13.[15:40] The Entertainer skit6
14.[16:15] Hyperdildo of Engineer Tochiloff
15.[19:06] Outro
16.[20:18] Hidden Bonus Track

More info at:
— SCAT —

— Base Record Production —

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20 Replies to “S.C.A.T. (SxCxAxTx) – Desire of Ugliness to Live Artistically FULL ALBUM (2019 – Groovy Goregrind)”

  1. Some pretty catchy stuff here.Really liked the way the music^&riffs were going.The vocals were decent.Over all i liked the album but one thing i didnt appreciate one tiny bit was the entertainer skits they coulda been left out&no one woulda got hurt or had to pay a fine or do time ect.

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