[Running Man] Ep359_0716_JeonSoMin on the flying chair

Jeon So-Min gets thrown into the water by the flying chair and falls on her face😂
Do you know who else got thrown into the water?!
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34 Replies to “[Running Man] Ep359_0716_JeonSoMin on the flying chair”

  1. Somin that's my girl right there she is the best. I hurts my heart to see people going her so much hate for no reason . It's ok because Somin has me and that's all she needs.💜💜💜

  2. her words and how much hate she got early, makes me like her even more. so happy she is relaxed now and won award. she and sechan deserve it

  3. I still find it so cute sechans reaction to her being chosen he looked shocked and upset even though his team won that round and even after she came out the water he looked visible concerned until he saw her laughing. good on somin for being a good sport

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