[Running Man] Ep.371_Mung-Ji, are you ready to soar to the sky

Song Ji-hyo has been chosen as the “lucky” one who will enjoy the sky view on the deathly scary ride with her cameraman. Thanks to the most penalty badges and her cameraman’s poor rock scissor paper skill, she has no choice but going on a giant swing!

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32 Replies to “[Running Man] Ep.371_Mung-Ji, are you ready to soar to the sky”

  1. When I c song jihyo I always notice her with less makeup or bare face confidently than her male co stars or male members …love this woman to the core .. such a great example of how one doesn’t need make up all the time n being of confident of one self … 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Well, SJH's definitely brave but she's not that smart here.😅 She got the penalty for believing that LKS cursed at Somin after they finished with the cable car. LKS is known to be thoughtful and attentive to his RM family during shoots, so I got confused why JiHyo would believe the supposed cursing.. YSC also made the same mistake, but he's easily fooled so wasnt really surprised LOL

  3. I got recently addicted to this show because of Song Ji Hyo!! I started watching the episodes from 2010 until recently and I noticed that it is not fun to watch anymore than the episode from 2010 to I think 2016!!

    I know they need changes but it will be amazing if it changes to better state not to a worst one!!


  4. Song jihyo is awesome!! It's so not fair they way she keeps getting less and less screen time.. She should leave Running Man, she's just waisting her time and talent there 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ at least, that's my opinion

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