[Running Man] Ep.370_If you got no food, steal it!

“I can’t stand anymore.” Seok-jin, Haha, and all fooled members had penalties of having no foods while others enjoy charms of resting area (With no doubt, they kept trying to steal the food only to be punished by Jong-guk). Meanwhile, Haha started to think about falling off the cliff again!

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31 Replies to “[Running Man] Ep.370_If you got no food, steal it!”

  1. hope they stop doing mission to eat, its fine they reveal the mission after they already eat. doing mission to eat is to harsh, come on pd, feed them well won't you?

  2. Jihyo is a kind heart girl. You can see she let them ate her food without stopping them or screaming at them. My ace jihyo.❤️

  3. This shows that Seok Jin is willing to be somewhat bullied in the show for entertainment regardless of seniority. And also, Jaesuk is supporting Seok Jin by sometwhat bullying him in the show, for entertainment

  4. I live in the US and it's a fucking piece of shit. They were suppose to get visa's for Se Chan's and Haha's punishment but since Trump is fucking president, the visa was delayed. His anti-immigrant administration made it much more difficult for folks outside of the U.S. to obtain visas to come in….

  5. Does the concept of running man already same with 2d1n? The game of chance in eating meals? *I'm just curious

  6. can't help but think gary was the one who would have stepped in to protect jihyo, so now jaesuk has to take on the role..

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