[Running Man] Ep.369_Gwang-soo knows how to survive in running man

There is another roulette even on the team lunch box! Gwang-soo, the poor victim of the roulette couldn’t eat anything due to the game rule 🙁 However, he found out a way to steal the spicy noodle from So-min…

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32 Replies to “[Running Man] Ep.369_Gwang-soo knows how to survive in running man”

  1. All the comment section defending kwan so against haters and here I am searching for that one hate comment but I didnt see any 😂😂

  2. Kwang soo is always asian prince .he's so humble n funny..its not like ysc who always hurting lks to be funny..sarangahe yo oppa!!

  3. How to be stupid : Mad at kwangsoo lol…
    Those who mad at him are not RM OG ..you must be new and you guys are just too soft lol…if you watch the older episode then you will know why he is like this

  4. Hey why hate on Somin tho shes griping on kwangsoo's hair but she cant really get him out alright and shes also willing to give him a bite based on their deal but as we know kwangsoo hell literally take one chance as a whole WHAHAHHAHAHA and im kind of feeling sad that she cant have the food alone tho

  5. Lol if anyone touched my food like that and ate almost everything when I offered a mouthful or two, or to share, let's just say I'm going to jail 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Why everyone are hating Kwangsoo? He's such a sweetheart❤ If you hate Kwangsoo I'm 100% sure you're not a real RM Fan❤ Don't you know Kwangsoo is getting bullied in every episode? Its just a variety show they love each other in off cam

  7. Don't hate Kwangsoo. It's not rude because Somin didn't do anything about it. If it is the other member then maybe all the noodles he ate would come out on his nose because of pinch and neck chop hahaha especially from jihyo. That's normal for them because they know Kwangsoo is unlucky as always hahahaha

  8. This is why i missed gary so much. So many bullying happened, but nothing nice im return. Even kjk started to look very tired every episode.

  9. For everyone saying that Kwang Soo has always been doing these things, well, he wasn't. When he started RM he was actually the timid, clumsy, tall member. He couldn't even think of betrayal, he was actually quite earnest in winning for the team. But, he's a fast learner and picked up a few things from the other members, mainly Haha. Thus, his betraying, cheating, ingenius character was born.

  10. Man So Min add so much dynamics in Running Man, being the first unlucky, greedy, and traitor female on Running Man, she really is good at variety show, yet until now Se Chan still looks like a guess in Running man

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