7 Replies to “Redesigned YouTube for Android TV”

  1. After installing this youTube app, I notice whenever I want to watch a 4K youTube video, it does not display a full screen on my tv. Rather, it shrink the size of the video.

    Sometimes, I have to change the resolution of the youTube video from 4K to 1080p to change to full screen . In some cases, it does not work. Then I will have to change to lesser resolution like 720p ..

    It is like I have to do try and error in changing the resolution to make make it show a full screen youTube video.

    Can you kindly tell me what I might be doing wrong and what I can do to make all my youTube video show in FULL SCREEN without having to keep changing the resolution

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Are we able to switch accounts up at the top in the new version? Or do we still have to sign out of one account and into another one?

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