Recover or crack any password 100% working with proof (Zip, Rar, Pdf, Word, Excel, Powepoint)

Recover, Remove, Crack, Unlock all your lost or forgotten passwords in an easy way 100% working with proof !

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Quickly recover or reset passwords for Windows, PDF, ZIP, RAR, Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents. Retrieve passwords for all popular instant messengers, email clients, web browsers, FTP clients and many other applications. A useful password recovery software for both newbie and expert with no technical skills required.


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29 Replies to “Recover or crack any password 100% working with proof (Zip, Rar, Pdf, Word, Excel, Powepoint)”

  1. Hi i need to crack open my freinds Bobo computer because it has all the answers to my homework for class tomororow test my teacher said if i dont get a passing grade i will not pass the class and my freind Bobo will not allow me to enter and crack his computer also can i put a password inside my freinds Bobo computer after? Because hes is not my freind anymore after this and i asked my freind Bobo to really help me with the answers and the teacher Mr lobondsoriknsi says that my freind Bobo and i can team up and finsh the homnework onenglesh and techmologies and tops for tomorrows test,

  2. First of all, thanks for sharing a video it is good but I advise you to download and install SysInspire Excel Password Recovery software. This software gives full authority to remove excel password with the brute force attack, part attack, and dictionary attack.
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  3. ভাইয়া আমার একটা একাউন্ট এর পাসওয়ার্ড রিকোভার করে দিতে পারলে আপনাকে ইচ্ছে মতো টাকা দিবো আমার স্কিপে আমার সাথে কথা বলেন যদি করেন আমার স্ক্যাপি id : live:dcd27f1a292f07a2 আমাকে এট দিন

  4. hi dear first of all thanks for a beautiful presentation, dear I tried to recover my .docx file but the software says this file is not protected with any password. now what can I do

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