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  1. When playing the slide show, once you get to the slide with the hyperlink you need to click on the hyperlink, click that slide to advance, click to exit hyperlink, click twice to advance to the next slide. Is there a way to minimize the clicking and make the advancement more smooth.

  2. This was helpful, thanks! Just when you think they've thought of everything, they haven't. You would think this feature would be a no brainer. Hopefully it's changed in the future.

  3. hi. i have an issue.. i have prepared 2 slides in power point 2013. i only want to change the size of 2nd slide not 1st one. but when i go to design and slide size and change size even by clicking 2nd slide. it changes the size of both of my slides. kindly tell me how i can change size of only 2nd slide?

  4. very helpful – why do we still need to look for this/??? Now if I could only get Win 10 to not use the default picture display instead of keeping it in the powerpoint form. Next search.

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