Plantation XO Rum Review

Allow Jones and Mann to be your “Spirits Guides” as we journey to good times and great friends. We enjoy tasting and telling you where it falls on a scale of 1 to 5. During this Plantation XO Rum Review we discuss the rich history of this Barbados rum and taste. Coming in under $50, can this rum compete?
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Jamestown NC, 27282
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0 Replies to “Plantation XO Rum Review”

  1. OK its confirmed….Jones palate is broken!🤣 This is my new favorite spirit of all time! I don't give anything a perfect 10 because nothing is perfect, but this one is daayyuum close. I gave it a 9.5 / 10 So tasty. Glad you picked a winner for your Bday. I thick you chose wisely. Hope your day was all it could be, CHEERS!🥃

  2. Funny how you uploaded this yesterday. Just talking to best friend about this. Definitely gonna cop a bottle. Only $55 for a 20 yr. dope deal!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!


    You guys got me on BUMBU and that’s my favorite rum. The uniqueness of it is far beyond anything I’ve every had.

    Where’s this rank in regards to that? I assume higher than BUMBU since it made you forgot to “clink em and drink em”. LOL

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