Pioneer DDJ 200 Complete Guide and Review

The brand new DDJ 200 smart controller is the most affordable and smallest controller from Pioneer DJ. Today DJ Holland takes a look the controller, the applications it works with and the various performance features onboard!
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0 Replies to “Pioneer DDJ 200 Complete Guide and Review”

  1. Awesome review, very thorough. Loved it
    Great controller for just playing out at home without spending a small fortune 🙂

  2. 23 July 2019 Update! Pioneer DJ WeDJ for android has now been updated to work with the DDJ 200! Update your app in the Play Store today and let us know your thoughts!

  3. Huh, this is actually a good practice piece for digital DJing, or for letting your kid try out DJing if he/she thinks it's their thing!
    Large tempo faders = good practice for pitch riding!

  4. Good video. I was skeptical but it got it for it small size to carry around the house to use with my iPad. It actually works well on Web DJ(for iPhone) Speaking of WebDJ, I am using the iPhone version on my iPad and it seems to work well. You expand full screen so it looks it was made for you iPad.

  5. do you get the somecloud + or one of the other feachers when you get the controller if not how you play music on it for free ??

  6. Utilizzando la micro usb per convertire e sdoppiare per l’uscita
    cuffia e master, come si carica lo smartphone o tablet? Non puo
    lavorare solo con la batteria per tante ore… fatemi sapere grazie.

  7. I have a DDJ RZ plugged into studio monitors and a couple drum machines & synths. Needless to say I have cables running all over the place. So I've absolutely had it with having to unplug all my gear to take it into the backyard for a BBQ or to a family event at my relatives or homies house. I mainly use my gear for recording podcasts for mixcloud or making tunes and mash ups.

    A few days ago I bought a powered speaker tower on wheels because unplugging my monitors has gotten tiresome. This speaker tower combined with this little guy is exactly what I was looking for. Now I can leave the flagship (DDJ-RZ) in the studio plugged into all my gear but have a cool little mobile rig for BBQs and wot not.

    Thumbs up from me. 👍👍 Obviously not trying to rock a proper venue with this gear but perfect for lil family and friend events such as BBQ's, birthdays, lil backyard weddings, mini raves (if you party like we then you already know what I mean) or just hanging with the homies. Dope! I'm getting mine this weekend! Boom!

  8. Hercules Inpulse 200 is way better by far, way more features, highly durable buttons, faders, great jog wheels, stereo outputs and headphones output on controller, Sampler, FX, has its own USB cord (very durable), etc, uses Algorithm DJ (and Pro version), Virtual DJ and other softwares as well, and is only $100.

    This Pioneer doesn't have any onboard sampler, loop, FX, It doesn't even have main or headphones outputs, no main or headphone adjust or knobs, no gain knobs, which Hercules 200 has. All these features on the Pioneer 200 have to be routed thru a device, and it cost $50 more…rediculous!!! That's Pioneer give you less but charging you more. At this point you just paying for a name.

    At first I was skeptical about this Hercules 200, but after having it for a while and using it in all conditions, even as a back up, I'm a believer now. Its a reliable and rugged piece of gear, and that's coming from someone that has the full Pioneer setup CDJ 2000, DJM 2000. I always stand by quality and this Hercules Inpulse 200 does the job well.

  9. How are you supposed to play anything without XLR outs or a headphone jack? Looks like a useless piece of trash without those and hope nobody buys it. "but its so portable" but it clearly can't be used anywhere, in any club i've ever been to. There's either TLS or XLR sitting on the table when I get there, not some bluetooth cloud thing that it will magically connect to. What a nightmare.

  10. I didn't think it could get more beginner than the ddj 400. I had to look this up when I saw the latest update to rekordbox included support for "DDJ 200".

  11. I slagged this off no end when I got it as I had a galaxy s8+ & the bluetooth wont connect yet until July. But after begrudgingly plugging it into my laptop its awesome. Not at all toy like. I got this cos it's been 10yrs since my last vinal decks. When this is android compatible it will be ideal for carrying about & some mini rigs. Well built & well priced.

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