Piggy back game [Running Man Ep 384]

Finish last to avoid entering into the pool! Which couple team will survive the freezing water?

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39 Replies to “Piggy back game [Running Man Ep 384]”

  1. The editors made a mistake😳🤭🤭
    At 0:45 Jaesuk is carrying Kwangsoo but at 0:57 Kwangsoo is carrying Jaesuk then changes again at 1:07

  2. All of you talking about the reasons why you like your biases and here I am choking on my food while watching running man 🤣

  3. I can`t stop laughing at how Kwang-su fell two times like I almost peed my pants and then how jae suk just randomly jumped up att Kwang-sus shoulders😂😭

  4. Somin is not taking the spotlight from anyone actually. she took upon herself a persona that really could damage an actress career… and all of that for the sake of variety and the show.

    she is totally diffrent from Jihyo to be taking her spotlight. like jihyo was always the visual and ace and luck of running man, but Somin is the bad girl who need to be cotrolled regulary by others, and even when she is smart and a good speakerr, she joined the unlucky group and always speak weird stuff xD.

    i like what she added to the cast seriously, the role that Haha has been doing for running man before he get married : the troublemaker :))

  5. i swear, jong kook is such a gentleman. I remember one episode, jong kook was so mad of somin bcoz she spend a lot of money making jongkook only eat bubble gum hahahhaa but at the of the end he still help so min.

  6. Idk why many people hate somin so much! I found her adorable and cute especially when she smile! And I'm a girl. Just incase. Yes she's annoying but in the cute way! All the members already said she's weird and troublemaker. So what? Kwangsoo & Haha are worse than that but you guys cool with it. People tend to say that somin replace jihyo spotlight etc. She just doing her job. She's fit it very well because she know, she has brothers and sister besides her. Doing variety show is not easy and she is an actress. Remember that!

  7. Jong Kook being caring.
    So Min, being annoyingly cute.
    Haha, always being savage.
    Kwangsoo, being naive while
    JAE SUK, being something you can't explain..He and his random thoughts.

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