36 Replies to “Photoshop Ulzzang (Meitu Xiuxiu) Photo Edit Tutorial ♥”

  1. Xiu XIu is not a virus! You guys get all these added programs because you leave the boxes checked. When installing it, You need to uncheck almost every box you see, or you end up which random chinese programs.

  2. Do you know which version you have by chance? I just downloaded the newest one and I think I'd prefer the one you have more. ^^;

  3. Just because you don't understand Chinese doesn't mean you can't learn how to use the program. You usually just play with the settings and it's easy to get the idea of it, plus there are photo examples above tools so you can understand it better. Of course, if can't read Chinese it will be hard to remember things like contrast, brightness etc.

  4. Even so, what's the point of her, talking in english since it won't help any english speakers out here… This is pretty much a chinese related tutorial so why bother speaking in english anyway… It's not like someone who can't understand a thing in chinese would use that software, just following her steps without even knowing what he's even pressing.

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