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  1. Great review and car Anna. Sometimes you speak a bit fast and with you accent it 's not always easy to catch immediately. So relax and keep doing great reviews!

  2. The hell with the good looks of the car you are sleek sexy and of course most beautiful 💋❤️🌹😚, can't wait to see the next video 📹 👌

  3. Fabulous review as always. I will be in Paris this week with my wife (we live in New Jersey) and we both love your reviews. Do you have any suggestions of car museums that we can visit?

  4. 2:20 You're this old? What do you mean……… I don't see it to be honest. As long as your spirit is young, CHECK.
    Are you gonna do another one with your female friend?

  5. VERY NICE REVIEW that puts all the detials and specs into perspective – it's a great car and we all should be so lucky to have one. GREAT job. Now how about a TRACKHAWK review ??

  6. Great honest review Anna.

    Peugeot is supposedly coming back to America. Should be interesting.

    When I was a kid one of our neighbors had a Peugeot sedan. Odd duck.

    Looks like the 508 is every bit as funky as the older cars. At least it's not an SUV.

  7. Great review Anna. This big lion really looks sharp. I owned a Peugeot 407 for four years, great car except for the notchy gearbox and heater flaps problem. Keep up the good work. Greetings.

  8. Peugeot is arguably one of the best when it comes to balance between comfort and road handling. I am proud to be French ! Well, until we open the bonnet…. Because the most powerful French car barely reaches 300 hp, half or what the Germans are capable of. (And I don't even dare to compare with the Italians…).
    Too Bad… For a country that used to rule on the automotive World until WWII… We are just a pale imitation of our previous glorious self.. sob… I am dépressed.. even nostalgia is not anymore what it used to bé…

  9. Tes essais sont tellement passionnants et chaleureux.🎆
    Et avec une qualité précieuse💍💎
    Merci et Bisous de France 😘😙

  10. Nice review. It's great to see the French embrace their unique flair again after years of boring cars. Have not seen one in the metal yet but it does look good.

  11. Hello Anna good looking as usual very beautiful car and you are right on Diesel by the way lm a Peugeot lover and l always buy Diesel Diesel is good and very reliable this is all politics about the ban so I will continue to Drive Diesel Forever .About the car Peugeot has done a good one again beautiful and strong and good looking car .Anna bye bye for now see you soon.

  12. A stylish french and attractive swiss make for very comfortable viewing ,also great to see Peugeot on the right track with the 508 I was a big fan especially the 205 gti . Looking forward to a performance model soon and the test of it right here

  13. Samochód ciekawy,choć ja zaglądam tu by zobaczyć Ciebie Aniu 🙂
    Uważam jednak że Peugeot przesadził z ceną na poziomie wielkiej trójki.
    Szkoda bo gdyby nie był tak pazerny na pewno więcej tych samochodów byłoby na drogach.
    Ale pewnie i tak największą sprzedaż nakręcają Chiny.Pozdrawiam ciepło Aniu.

  14. Hi Anna, yes I remember the noisy slow auto gears too.Not sure about the 508 but like video. Fantastic location was it lake Geneva.

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