Only 12$ for Halong Cruise tour? Haiphong Vietnam to Halong

Hi everyone, its ELiV here and welcome back to my channel. This time, I’m not doing any food review but I travelled somewhere in the north of Vietnam it’s called Halong Bay. Quite famous among traveller and Vlogger. It’s very beatiful scenery left me baffled. However, I will let this chance to go away so I decided to make a short video about this trip. I hope you guys love it and please give a thumbs up if you enjoy and do not forget to subscribe!

Info about my video:
Accomodation : 3MG Hotel , Haiphong City

Transportation from Haiphong city to Halong :
By Limousin, can request from hotel and it cost you 150K/way . The pickup time from hotel will be 8am nd pickup from Halong will be at 7pm. Limousin will drop you at Sunworld Amusement Park. From
drop that amusement park to International Port just walking distance around 1km.

Ticket for Halong Bay Tour : DO NOT BUY FROM TRAVEL AGENCY, as they markup the price quite high. You can buy the ticket directly from the port. It cost you 490K for the tour package but without food. If with food you have to pay extra 150K. Its not worth to pay that amount. So i advice dont need food.


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  1. Ada tngk video depa naik Mcm rakit pastu lalu jeram, tu belah mana.. Macam menarik ja. Tahun depan boleh kot p Vietnam pulak.

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