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  1. I just stumbled onto this comic the other day, and holy shit it's such a good story. Hated the MC at first, but he really comes around, he surprised me! And the ART, don't even get me started on how amazingly creepy it is. I especially love how this person draws expressions, they're so extreme and make me sympathize with these poor characters XD I guess I gotta read Bastard now, since so many people recommend it.

  2. Okay i just took a break from painting and didnt know it was scary and now……..


    ig i wont be sleeping tonight

  3. This is my first webcomic that i read and it's amazing. Normally i wasnt interested in webcomics but when i saw this i literally was interested that i had to look it up at 12 at midnight. at first i thought it was a little short story that took like either 10 to 20 chapter but when i saw how many chapters were their i was shocked as fuck and i knew i had a long night to read all of it (mind you its 90 pages long lol) i finished it at 8 in the morning today. Cant wait what happens next.

  4. LOVE this comic. I would love if they animated it too, not knocking the comic at all itd probably end up being better than any animation could do but it still would be awesome to see the monsters animated with a scary soundtrack over it all

  5. this webtoon is incredibly scary unless you’re just faint hearted. i did hear that they are making a live action version of this (idk how true that is) but if they do, i don’t think i’d watch it. this is the type of webtoon that should be made into an ANIME instead as it wouldn’t (in my opinion) look right in live action form.

  6. “What the heck is happening?”
    oh nothin just like a zombie apocalypse instead it’s monsters and they’re also smarter and creepier.

  7. look i am just pissed off about those prisoners their leader is just like WE GONNA TAKE OVER THIS BUILDING but i have a feeling that hyun and the rest of the survivors are about to do something about it hehehe

  8. Here’s how I read it: at night: Kokiri by 1800 lost on loop on SoundCloud: in the dark in my room. It makes it so much more enjoyable.

  9. In one of the episodes of where he sees a clone of himself in a different world, you can see characters from Bastard walking around

  10. i just finished what is ongoing, and this is an absolute *MASTERPIECE* this is beyond expectations, and this should 100% become an actual anime!

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