No Man's Sky – What Is Beyond "BEYOND"?

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50 Replies to “No Man's Sky – What Is Beyond "BEYOND"?”

  1. No Mans Sky : The Void – a complete overhaul of space, introducing larger asteroids which can be built on creating space bases, asteroid mining on a deeper scale, ship classes, raiding pirate bases/ recruiting pirate fleets, piracy and smuggling classes with depth, etc

    That would be cool, just my two cents

  2. So many players just want an incentive to keep exploring. A generation overhaul is the only thing I want from Santa this year.

  3. "……if the game can stay EXACTLY in this way, THIS look, with THIS feel, THIS aesthetic. But just be NEWER, just be LARGER with MORE content….then Ill be absolutely happy.' You were right when you said you 'put it out' with barely any script!!!! LMAO. So you want something the same, only different!!! The gaming community was divided?!?! Your own head is divided lol

  4. I was really disappointed with beyond… I've been smashing this game on and off since launch but this update genuinely killed the magic for me. We just need shit to shoot and more interesting stuff to look at… that simple.

  5. I just want the game to not be ugly af anymore. Extra points if they add proper RPG elements and a less cluttered feeling. I think the main reason everyone got this game was to explore the bloody jaw-dropping gorgeous world shown in the trailers, with the 70's Chris Fossian aesthetic and all, and this is the world we've got? This muddy, floaty wasteland randomly peppered with the odd grass patch here and there?

  6. definitely needs more story arcs though. infinite variation would be nice, but even that would be… pointless… after a while. Learning words and earning money doesn't make for compelling gameplay. At the moment, the most interesting thing to do in the game is find crashed S-classes that are a different shade of orange to the one you have already.

    What I would like.. actual wars. Like the Gek and the V's are fighting each other, and you have to choose a side, then go fight (on land or space). Give us a reason for those fighter ships.

  7. I don’t want a variation update IF AND ONLY IF they reset everything and take away my discovery data

  8. Uh Minecraft has story so dose no mans sky oh and every block in Minecraft has a use what’s grass blocks use what’s dirts use what about corse dirts use ya not every block has a use

  9. Strongly agreed…seen all the animals and plants.700+ hrs i just like exploring.wouldnt mind moving water…volcanoes..tornadoes.not wind every 5 min.they gave us

  10. Damn, this is really good vid!
    I don't play no man sky and just notice the "beyond" update, but listening to your suggestion makes me looking forward to the next development of the game.
    Hopefully next update they actually do something beyond "beyond" lol.

  11. I believe you make many valid points, especially about the variation. I would like for Hello game to also tighten the engine, fix the wonky interface and tie up the interface loose ends. If they did this I would play a lot more, but I guess so would many other people.

  12. We can all agree that the game need more PVE elements, Multi-biome, Natural Disasters. Personally, what I want is where every 7 days in-game, the biological terrors(whatever they call) hunt you down for entire night(just like 7DaysToDie and Minecraft) with more variety of these monsters

  13. I just wish the planets were more interesting to explore and planetary exploration was more meaningful and rewarding. Despite how much I enjoyed NEXT I almost wish the last three years had just been dedicated to making exploration as interesting as it seemed in pre release gameplay. I want to see big Rhino creatures chasing a herd of deer looking things and bashing down trees like in the e3 trailer. I just can't get excited about exploring planets because just by scanning a planet I know what it will look like, the only small difference being whether or not the planet has an ocean (which mind you all look the same, never see any interesting rivers or bodies of water in general).

  14. I think them removing the ability to find crashed freighters using the signal booster was abit stupid, and they should add alien cities freighter vs freighter battles. Easily done?

  15. Among the many many things i would like to see added/improved in this game i only ask for 3 things.

    1. Natural disasters. Tbh i only care about tornados the thought of seeing a massive tornado ripping apart the terrain is just sick adds that feeling of danger and excitement that I've always wanted. A tsunami or volcano eruption would be pretty dope too though.

    2. More rarity fauna. Epic, Legendary and mythical.

    3. Make the damn ocean feel like an ocean i want to go so far down the pressure could kill me. Give the submarine thing a purpose instead of just jumping in scan for 2 minutes and then leave😂 The ocean is a dangerous place in real life and we thats just from exploring 5% so on an alien planet well you should probably fear going in the ocean.

    Obviously the second is basically just asking to improve the fauna. Alot. So if i see a legendary or mythical fauna i want to be amazed and to know that its a legendary or mythical before scanning it fauna is just boring now tired of seeing the same shit. A minimum of at least 50 fauna should be on every planet.

    Well this is it like i said alot more i would like to see but if i could only pick 3 it would be these without a doubt. Shame that they have been focusing on the wrong things i have no doubt in my mind hello games could pull it off if they paid the same amount of attention to feedback like suggestions to improve the game as they do on bugs and fixes.

  16. "You are not alone" then why can't I tame a companion follower? Or create a robot follower? Also, an observation deck for freighters would be cool.

  17. I love the content this game has been getting, but the problem I have with the game is that it's still listed as $60 on steam. This game is 3 years old now and it still has that pricetag as the default price.

  18. As much as i love this game, i have to say it is getting kind of stale, i hope we get a variation update, maybe with natural disasters if thats not too much to ask for

  19. I never played this game till beyond and well, i love this game. Its not perfect and i have not spent 1000 of hours in it so it could change in the future. Though i have over a 100 hours in the game messing around on a few systems and a handful of planets. I think that they need to reduced the live planets by a large amount. There are so many planets that im never going to explore them all and that is cool, however they need more dead planets. Planets that have no atmosphere, molten planets that would kill you instantly if you landed on them. Subterrainan planets where all the life lives in caves so the planet looks dead from space. Planets that have only plant life. I want to feel like im excited to find a planet with life rather than expecting it. Currently i only get excited to find a planet with good weather. Space stations in every system is bad as well. Millions of planets and they all have a space station. Just makes the station feel like a boring place you go. Some planets should have only planet based trading, Poor systems may not have a base at all and rich systems might have two or three space stations. Create a fuel ship that you can call in to a system to purchase fuel and life support supplies from so you dont get stranded. But you cant sell to them and you cant buy anything other than sodium oxygen carbon and fuel… This would do allot to make finding these things more rewarding rather than boring.

  20. Hostile animals?? We need hostile NPCs! Now that they can actually move…

    Also, I've said it a thousand times in different places: GIVE clap ME clap PILOT-ABLE clap FREIGHTERS.

  21. 02:56 I was disappointed when I found out I couldn't place the skeletons into my base like with a lot of the other objects you can get on anomolous planets.

  22. Not a single thing I disagree with in this video. I agree with everything you pointed out. My thoughts are a carbon copy of the ones you have expressed in this video. Good stuff.

  23. Now that we have multiplayer. I hope they focus on the planets and space. They need to find a way to make the core gameplay more interesting. Give me a reason to want to explore every single planet besides just looks alone. Give me something to do on every single planet I go to. Sure we have missions, but we need more of a change to the original formula of going to a planet and exploring what makes no mans sky great in the first place. When we are through with missions. There is no reason to make me want to explore there is no point in landing on the 100th ice planet I've seen or the 100th earth like planet I've seen. There needs to be something to make me want to actually want to explore every part of the planet. The planets need to feel alive like filled with life and aliens. If we go to a gek system some planets should be filled with gek bc where to the gek live ? we dont know give the gek a home planet or planets in the respective system. Just like we live on planet earth. The geks should have their own planets as well as the other races. As well as make the animals more of threat I'm talking jurrasic park threat levels. It's ok have planets that are completely peaceful. But what about ones that are completely hostile. The animals are completely dangerous and scary. Make us feel like we are trespassing on someone else home which we are bc we are interlopers. Every planet needs to feel completely alive and well lived in. Even add storms or tornadoes on planets that are unsuitable for life. Space itself needs to feel alive as well and more important and interesting . The space battles need to be more frequent and make them on a larger scale. The bigger ships need to move and not be stationary. The freighters need to serve more of an importance than just a means of transportation and storage. Other races can actually invade the planets you're on and attack you and also attack your freighter. I know all that Is wishful thinking but I really would love all of that in no mans sky.

  24. There are times when I sit down to contemplate life my mind is blown by the wonder of how nearly every new planet scanned reveals the same patterns of fauna/flora… I hope that in my distant gaze to one day reach a new horizon of variation … meanwhile you can often see me celebrate atop the nexus cube. Peace traveller's, don't give up hope, HG will come through!

  25. many and many times i have written in the comments “VARIATION “ … the game in the first place is based on this fundamental characteristic, the rest in my opinion is only a side dish.

  26. All the variation is there, but the PC version is still being held hostage by the PS4 version. But soon Rayrod shall set us free!!!

  27. I also care only about exploration and variation. All these updates, and still nothing has been gained in the last 3 years. Quests and missions are nice, but I couldn't care less about base building or multiplayer. And variation has only gotten worse. One step forward, two steps back IMO.

  28. Beyond didn't actually go much beyond what was already there. The game does need some sort of kick in the pants but I'm not sure what that would be.
    I find myself playing NMS less and less these days. Wishing there was something new that would bring me back but so far… Meh.
    Great information, MZK. Excellent video.

  29. HG did everything they could to bring in more and more players from outside of the stablished community. They are a company and the reason this game still exist is money. I hope that now they are done with trying to get more players and can focus the next updates to the fans, but i’m afraid that HG is oficially done with NMS and probably the team wants to move on to other projects.

  30. Boy, you hit the nail square on the head with this one. The community is practically begging and pleading for a variation update. I love this game, but I'm completely burnt out on it. I'm finding it a real struggle to actually do anything in it. The only thing I do is the daily quicksilver missions, and even those are turning into a real grind. If they have to do a universe reset I would gladly welcome it, if it meant a major overhaul of space and planets. They seriously need to work on the core part of the game that they've been pushing all these years – exploration. Without that there isn't really much to work with anymore.

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