Nha Trang: Anything else beside the beach?

Hope you guys enjoy Jade’s beauty review 🙂 Nha Trang has everything for a traveler who like discovery and confort by the beach. Let us know in the comment section if you have any question about this place!

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22 Replies to “Nha Trang: Anything else beside the beach?”

  1. Thanks for great video, but pay attention to the link below video, which my brother in-law recorded and sent it to me. ( he is a rescuer of Nha trang’s beaches.
    Beautiful beach, but not all of monnth.
    Do Not go to Nha Trang's beaches during these 3 months: ( later December through to later March). The beaches are very extremely danger and dirty from late of December to late of March, Because jellyfish hatching eggs months season, raining flood season. And very strong under Rip currents. I and my family regularly go there, but we never go there from JANUARY to Early April. Staying away of these only 3 ugly months. The jellyfish hatching eggs season months , and under Ripcurrents can pull out and kill swimmers on the beaches very easily and quickly. I was often there and already saw many people were drowned; because they were hit by jellyfish, or were pulling out by under Ripcurrents . This link video below is 1 of many accidents annually happenes often of these 03 ugly months ( late December to Early April) . After these 03 ugly months; the beaches may be safer, or ok for playing and swimming.
    Video below about a tourist Russian man was hit by jellyfish, and then was pulling out by Rip undercurrents, drowned. and died in the front of beache's rescuers, and his family when he was swimming and playing on Nha trang Beach in later December.


  2. Lol what a bargain for getting eyelashes done $10. Also Jade you are lucky you aren’t allergic to the chemical they used. I had tried 2 time eyelashes lift and twice came home with blood shot red eye for weeks…😭
    Fun video you guys👍🏻 did you try Đầm Bấy tour Nha Trang yet?

  3. Never had my lashes done but for 10 U.S. I would if I was there!! I loved your matching shirts very nice! As always you guys have the best upbeat videos and I’m always feeling like I’m with you on all your trips!! Take care guys!!

  4. A beautiful beach, oh by the way some of us old “white “ boys have lived long enough to know to stay out of the mid day sun too! I just burn anyway…

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