My Favorite Fast Food Items From Culver's

Today I revisit Culver’s and take a look at my favorite items on their Menu! Culver’s is known for their Butter Burgers, Cheese Curds and Frozen Custard.
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0 Replies to “My Favorite Fast Food Items From Culver's”

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  2. Culver's is horrible. Their customer service is terrible, and they're all franchises, so you can't even complain about them.

  3. The last time we ate at Culver's they over salted the hamburgers and their prices are too high. Not a fan! Love your channel.

  4. This motherfucker is an Alien from an unknown Galaxy who came here masqerading as a Human Being to eat food from earth.

  5. Culver’s really is the best fast food available. It’s even up there for dining in hamburger joints in my book. Everything is always so fresh and hot

  6. We love Culver’s, but we always get the kids meal. Which is a full size butter burger and we get the deluxe condiments (mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion) reg fry, reg drink and a small custard all for one price like seven dollars or so. We usually upgrade one to have onion rings. Up this to me is a great buy. Also with the kids meal you get two coupons one is for your custard and then the other one you save and when you get ten of them you get a free kids meal or one of their many things to chose from (footballs, stuff toys, and others) but we always save them.

  7. Culver’s has high quality food for a fast food restaurant. I’ve only ate there a handful of times but it’s always been good.

  8. reviewbrah it would be cool if you averaged all the scores from the various fast food places and released a video going over the list in order with each places top reviewed items. Just a thought!

  9. Oh boy, very healthy and invigorating food. Climate – neutral, with a lot of healthy ingredients, more patties please, more cheese and more white bread. Mmmhhh …

  10. You can literally see the depression in this dudes eyes someone give him a style check he has no sorta clothing style 😂😂😂

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