My Average Day 2019 (Raw Video)

It’s here… it’s finally here. The most exciting video of 2019, My Average Day!
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0 Replies to “My Average Day 2019 (Raw Video)”

  1. If you want to support this Channel, Podcast and Radio Show consider helping at and be sure to check out my Podcast Channel at

  2. Bothered me a lot when he ran the water and then proceeded to have a two minute conversation with the camera while the sink was on

  3. Reviewbrah is everything humanity should aspire to be. Just raw kindness and humility and respect, but also logical and open minded. Much respect, Reviewbrah. You got my vote for man of the year!

  4. Reviewbrah, you kinda walk like an 80 year old who's been walking like that for 100 years. You are indeed immortal aren't you?

  5. “WHAT the bleepidy bleep is going on Reviewbrah”????
    Where are you?? Did u already put hair product on your hair??? Why is the water running??? Gonna have to wait for that bathroom adventure. 😁

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