Moto Z4 Review

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The new Moto Z4, priced at $500 unlocked or $240 on Verizon, further shows that the Moto Z series is now on a totally different path. Indeed, it is the latest Moto flagship phone, but in the greater scheme of things, it has “mid-range” written all over it. It seems as through the Moto Z line is now focused more on the core experience rather than the specs – on proving that a phone doesn’t need all the bells and whistles to be a meaningful handset for the masses.
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36 Replies to “Moto Z4 Review”

  1. The Moto Z line are good quality phones! Very dependable and reliable. Got the 4 for under 400.oo and love it. The projector mod is awesome! Like having a 100 inch screen TV. The poloroid mod is awesome too.

  2. Do you need bumper for your Z4?

    Guys, I know what is the problem to find perfect bumper for Z4.

    Finally, it was Launched.

    I have tryied and now its not a problem that before.

    Really recommend!!! Its Awesome!

  3. I love my Moto Z2 play. The mods are incredible. I was going to upgrade to the Z3 but just found this. Motorola gives you a free low-end phone free if you buy this now.

  4. I hate to say it as I own the Moto Z3 and I've been a Motorola user all my life.
    Don't buy this phone for for the Moto mods. They're almost non existent.
    For example the Motorola Qi charger is almost impossible to get. I had to buy mine from Russia.
    As is the the Motorola 3490 mAH turbo battery power pack.
    Go to Motorola site and see what you can buy.
    They have given the consumer half a menu but charged full price hoping you won't notice until it's too late. Your on your own to find a third party scalper and hope you get a legit mod.
    If this phone was $100 with Motorola being UPFRONT about little to no mods available then I'd say it's a deal.
    But if you get mods I'd recommend
    JBL speakers
    3490 mAH battery
    Qi charging mod (which has enough of a magnet to stick to a Scosche car magnet phone holder)
    Disappointed in Motorola leaving people out to dry like this.

    Good luck.

  5. I bought the z3 like two months prior to 4's release. Mildly regret not waiting a few months. Though that's mostly due to the headphone jack and the night vision.

  6. Good phone. Finger reader is sometimes finicky, but it works good overall. The benefit of having extra screen space is worth it.

    Only thing I don't really like is the speaker being on top. The sound isn't directed towards you and u can tell. Camera is great in my opinion, but I'm not a huge camera fanatic. It's way better than my last phone anyways. Oh, the battery isn't nearly as good as my Moto z plays was. Z plays battery was unreal, z4's seems average. Which is disappointing, but it is what it is. $250 at Verizon. Well worth it.

  7. CaseWe just released a new bumper/frame case.i just recived mine from Amazon for $12 shipped and it's fantastic.only negative I have is it takes a bit more pressure to engage the buttons .but they may losen up with some wear.

    If you wanna keep the option of mods while getting more grip,grab this case it's awesome.

    After a few days I've used the case with and with out mods and it's dang near perfect.the buttons seem to have loosened up and now feel how much grip it gives ya.

  8. Warning! I have this phone. The fingerprint sensor is absolutely horrible! It is impossible to see the fingerprint icon in full daylight and to me that is a definite deal breaker. When shooting video's the camera loses focus constantly.

  9. I've had the z4 for 2 weeks now after coming from flagship Samsung phones since 2012.

    At first it's kinda corky to get used to and feels barebones, however now I honestly miss very little from top of the line Samsung phones.

    The edge apps were sorta useful,I only ever used the spen when an app or page wouldn't let me copy text.

    I do really miss the Samsung calculator as I can not find a replacement nearly as good imo.

    I've tried a number of games and I've had zero issues with performance. Now I don't play PUBG or fortnight as why would you use your phone for those kinda games if you have a pc or console?

    I have done a side by side comparison with a note 8 at both 60% and 100% brightness and they look identical in both quality and brightness.

    For mods I have the projector,jbl 2 speaker,the camera mod and 2 Mophie battery mods and I LOVE being able to keep the phone at 80% charge while one battery is charging.once it's depleted just swap a battery.

    With this setup with very lite use a single charge from the Mophie and phones battery will easily get ya 3 days or more.the phone uses next to no power while not in use.

    Normal use with a couple of hours of YouTube videos a solid 36hours.

    Under heavy use about 12hours of non stop gaming.

    Phone NEVER gets hot.hasnt crashed.seems to manage it's ram very well with daily driver performance of apps being quicker imo then a Samsung phone.

    If you need a spen or for whatever reason just have to play PUBG otg then maybe go with another phone.

    But as for me I love the phone and it has really made me wonder why I stayed with Samsung for so long.

  10. Moto z4: big display 128 gb head phone jack 5G $500

    iPhone xs max: big display 64 gb no headphone jack 4G $1000

    Great job with ur over priced bullshit apple, great job

  11. In other words this phone has what I like to call (fake stats) a whole bunch a hyped up processors and 5G nonsense but is still an ever age smartphone

  12. It seems like a good package, but not outstanding. I’ve found it difficult to move on from my aging Moto X Pure Edition (which came out in 2015) because it nailed everything about the design and hardware; it had a QHD IPS display that was rich and vibrant, it had a 21 MP rear camera with outstanding stabilization, it had proper stereo speakers on the front, it had the SD808 with plenty of RAM and ROM for the time, it had SD expandability, it had great audio hardware with a headphone jack, it had tactile buttons, it had great build quality, ergonomics, and design, it had a nearly vanilla Android experience, and it had all of that at $250.

    As I keep looking for Android One-based phones, nothing really seems to be comparing with that, even now! I can’t find a mid-range with a truly great SoC, great camera for video and photo, great screen, great build, and great ergonomics with Android One or vanilla Android and around $250!

  13. Great review. Just got phone. Nice upgrade from my Moto Z Play i got two years ago. Slight correction. The headphone jack appears on my Moto Z Play from 2016. So its been featured before in the Z series.

  14. Which video is he play on. 1.42
    Please any one can tell me the name.

    Previous i hear this so i love this music but now i forget name.

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