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Minecraft VR with Chun and friends! Survival mode! Part 1

Chunny plays Minecraft in VR in this episode with Friends Verqua, Malzar Tom and Wolfking! There are fun adventures to be had, sheep to set the mood, and cool pixel art to boot! A great start indeed!

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  1. Buddy Horne
  2. Jakob Martin
  3. Dowlen GENTRY
  4. Una Matejic
  5. FoxNinja4000
  6. luc gambon
  7. Ultra3ERROR T4AL
  8. Gamer #autistic
  9. Infernogedon228
  10. God of hyperdeath 3214
  11. Jin Kazama
  12. King David the warrior
  13. King David the warrior
  14. yolanda Kikou
  15. Master Patrick
  16. A Jgjg
  17. Kew 8000
  19. SSJ Lexi
  20. karoly black
  21. zyku the hedgehog
  22. sansy the human
  23. inky the silly demon bendy's little brother
  24. Yuri Katsuki
  25. Yuri Katsuki
  26. The mark Shark
  27. super saiyan sans
  28. Jaymee Nava
  29. Antonio Dew
  30. James Diggs
  31. DiamondDude11 [Puro]
  32. Cross Chara
  33. Sans
  34. Ace
  35. sunny lee
  36. A-Small-Turquoise-Wolf -Named-Jade

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