Mike's Book Reviews: (The First Law) Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie

This episode of Mike’s Book Reviews continues his journey into the world of Joe Abercrombie’s “grimdark” fantasy tale The First Law. This is a full spoiler review for Sharp Ends, so use caution if you’ve not read the entire published (as of August 2019) First Law works yet.
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11 Replies to “Mike's Book Reviews: (The First Law) Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie”

  1. I'm I the only one who really disliked the introduction of Javre into the First Law universe. After 6 books of getting to know the key players of the series I felt cheated that out of nowhere an infallible warrior appeared that totally disrupted the power hierarchy in the books. After only a couple of short stories of character building Javre suddenly became on par with heavy hitters like Whirrun (which would put her in to The Bloody Nine league). I mean I have no problem with a new character picking up the reins and becoming the First Law's newest greatest warrior, but Javre character felt completely out of tone from the other books in the series. To me she seemed more like a cartoonish super hero trope than the complex and realistic character you would expect from Abercrombie.

  2. I'm reading this series right now….Blade Itself…..I was recommended this so I'm hoping it's good…. after that on to Witcher.

  3. Hello from Scotland!

    Just want to say you are doing a great job with the reviews and the videos in general, your videos have revamped my passion for reading! On book 4 on the WoT and because of this channel have got MASSIVELY into Stephen King! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. I too, would have loved a whole novel just on the adventures of Javre and Shev. I really didn't expect to care, but by the end, I found myself wanting more of those 2. Sad they didn't get the ending I wanted in sharp ends. Who knows, maybe they will show up in the sequel trilogy, I'm not hopeful though.

  5. I never cared for audiobooks either, until i did it for wheel of time for like my 10th read through lol. I drive for work, so books I've already read, I'll do audio. It frees up mental space, and allows for a MUCH more visual experience.

  6. Made a Monster was gold, I've read and listened to the audio version of it many times. And while I enjoyed pretty much all the short stories I think you're placements for "best and worst" are spot on.

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