Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Laptop 3 Hands On

Here is my Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro vs Surface Laptop Comparison to help you buy the best Surface computer for 2019 and beyond. Full Surface Pro X Unboxing and Review coming soon and if you want to see a Surface Laptop 13 and 15 Review and Unboxing let me know in the comments. Surface Pro 7 Review might not happen. Whats your favorite Surface Product in 2019? The Surface Neo and Surface Duo? Cant wait to do a Surface neo hands on and a surface duo hands on video!

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47 Replies to “Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Laptop 3 Hands On”

  1. Pro X on arm… No real info, so disappointed. Runs aps or real windows software!? Simple question right!? No answers. So missed the main idea.

  2. I might be interested in upgrading my surface pro 5 i7 16gb of ram and 512gb of memory for the surface pro x i7 512gb of memory and 16gb of ram if there is a big enough cost reduction in a trade in. I think I am not the only one thinking that too. If I am going to seriously get a new device from my pro 5 when there is not too much of a difference between the devices and I still will half to deal with all the extra headache of changing devices the one thing that would probably push me is a really good deal on that trade in value aspect. These surface tablets really are not all that crazy different from one another and they are all so expensive. If Microsoft could alleviate this kind of pressure I feel their profit margin over all would actually be a lot better then not being very generous with trade ins for a newer product that is a first generation of all kinds of generations too where usually there are a lot more bugs that is likely to pop up in the surface pro x then there will be in the surface pro 7 obviously.

  3. I’m getting the surface pro x for my bday should I get it or any other laptops this is used for school purposes and other stuff but mostly school

  4. I want every device Microsoft presented. Too bad i can only get one hehe . I think i am going for the new Surface laptop at some point

  5. I’m so confused about which one would be the best fit for me. Clueless about tech specs , but I am an artist looking for a nice portable laptop that does well with digital photo editing. Everyone tells me to get a MacBook but I am not drawn to Apple. I’m really into the surface x, do you think this would do well running photo editing software?

  6. I'm worried that the mobile processor will be very weak. I'm thinking there will be a lot of lag and issues but I'll wait to see. I'm going to wait about 2 months after launch to see which model I'm going to pick up.

  7. For a student (geography and english, I'm from germany), do you think either the Pro X or the Laptop 3 will be better?

    Great video by the way!

  8. Am I the only one who has noticed that NONE of the surface products are ever catered to the power users? This isn't just this year it' been like this for several years actually. Linus even made a video about how the surface studio was using a gpu and a cpu from several generations ago.

  9. I hoped Microsoft would release a Surface Book 3 this year, but unfortunately no. But the Surface Pro X was a surprise and I like it a lot, specially the new pen and the storage for it.

    Unfortunately The Pro X is a x86 System and wouldn't be able to run the software that I use for Video / Photo editing in my free time. I don't think It will be able to do it as well, but for my university work it is perfect.
    I'm conflicted. I can't decide.

  10. As a longtime fan of the Surface series, I'm worried about the Surface Pro X.
    The first is because it is based on the arm processor.
    Secondly, Microsoft has no apps available for the Store app. Is there a good mobile game? Are there any good drawing apps compared to Apple? It's not just more than a machine for Office 365. Everyone in this world doesn't buy these expensive machines just for Office 365. In order not to be accused, Microsoft will have to develop it properly.

  11. 999 bucks arm tablet, probably seperately sold keyboard cover, 150 bucks slim pen. plain overpriced. so is the surface earbuds, 350 bucks is very overpriced.

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