Microsoft Excel 2019 Tutorial for Beginners – How to Use Excel Part 1

This is a Microsoft Excel 2019 Basic Tutorial for beginners that includes Excel Office 365 Skills! In this basic course Excel video tutorial, you’ll get the first look of the new Microsoft Excel 2019 program and learn how to customize it’s environment including setting the Office Background and Office Theme Colors, set default font, User name and initials, change the Start screen options, hide backstage when saving files, customize the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon including creating, editing and hiding Tabs, remove Tabs and groups, reset Tabs or Ribbon, set Ribbon Display Options, navigating Excel including movements around the cells, and selecting with numerous tips, tricks and shortcuts, create a basic worksheet and learn how to enter data.

1. First Look
2. Customize Environment
3. Quick Access Toolbar
4. Ribbon
5. Navigating Excel
6. Creating a Basic Worksheet

(Excel 365 Skills included!)

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7 Replies to “Microsoft Excel 2019 Tutorial for Beginners – How to Use Excel Part 1”

  1. 1 second ago

    Excellent video, very clear explanation, I will continue with the next one right away..

    Thanx so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us! Really helpful for my new job.

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