19 Replies to “meitu xiuxiu applying effects tutorial”

  1. u just click on the green buttom at the front page and then it will ask to uploade and typical "yes" on left and right for "no" or just use google chrome which is easier to translate whole page

  2. @Asianbeautyforever idont understand any words .. if u installed it u can easily learn editing there coz its not hard at all .. there are icons that can help you ,,, i think its chinese ..

  3. @TheeAlexRusso

    when you download xiuxiu meitu it's a .exe file which doesn't work on a mac :c
    you'll have to download crossover which should let you use it

    sorry if this doesn't work :c

  4. @TheeAlexRusso –no im using windows vista .. try to download it again to make sure u installed it properly 🙂

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