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We are on our way to Bali and are at the Singapore Changi Airport so before the flight we decide to try the New McDonalds Crispy Chicken. It’s supposed to be mildly spicy and juicy, we got the value meal with the french fries and a coke, so let’s check it out and do a food review!
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31 Replies to “McDonalds Crispy Chicken Review Singapore – Greg's Kitchen”

  1. Stop Grading !

    One out off ten .(

    If that happens we will be robots.

    Love your YouTube vids, keep it up.

    But stop grading it is not you Greg.

    Dave Anderson, Athy , Kildare, Ireland.

  2. Hi Greg. I love the fact that you’ve been including your “girlfriend/wife” in your recent clips.
    We don’t need to see her, but her occasional comments or suggestions are a wonderful addition to your regular diatribe.
    Keep up the good work mate .

  3. Hi Greg
    Hugh from Melbourne
    Just had a burger from maccas today as I had a Wagyu burger
    I would like you to do a food review on that burger please
    My wife and myself give the wagyu burger a 10/10
    Cheers 🍺🍺

  4. Crosser not Tosser but that too probably – IF only Carlsberg cooked crispy chicken it would probably be the best crispy chook in the World 🐓🐔🐣

  5. What do you call a crook that crosses the road, rolls in the dirt and crosses back ? A Dirty double crossed. Sums up Maccas crispy chook at $4.40 😢😢😈

  6. As I have always said Greggo. Science will have won the day when it breeds a chicken that plucks itself, stuffs itself, baskets itself in the oven then calls you down the pub to tell ya its ready for eating. 😆😉😂

  7. Give me chicken and rice at the hawker stall for $2.50 all day long !! That thick dry crusty coating does not bear thinking about on the maccers chicken. Reminds me when i got lost in the jungle and could wash down below for 2 months 😆😷😲

  8. Thres a vide of you where the police charges falsely against you, Isnt that you greg?

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