Mark Kulek Live Stream Lesson – Families | #104 – English Practice – ESL

Today’s Live Stream – Families, Picture Speculation, Picture Guessing Game, Dictation – Our Body, Collocation – (blend) and Short Conversation Practice. *Mark Kulek does Live Stream Lessons every Tuesday at 5 p.m. and Friday at 10 a.m. – all times are (Japan Asia/Tokyo)*
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Talking about Families and Relationships: for today’s activity – We will discuss the most important people in our life – our children, mother, father, siblings and friends. It’s not always easy to keep good relationships, especially teenagers and parents.
Dictation cards and shadowing practice – Our Body
Lolly’s Revenge – Joe – Sue, what’s wrong? Sue – I just had a fight with my mother. Joe – Uh oh. What about? Sue – She doesn’t want me to go camping alone. Joe – I thought that you were going to the beach instead. Sue – Yes, but I changed my mind I really do want to go camping alone. Joe – So what are yo going to do? Sue – I’m not sure now. Joe – What about a third option? Sue – For example? Joe – Camping alone is dangerous and the beach is too crowded. How about a spa? Sue – Wow! I can relax, be alone and it’s safe. Great idea! Thanks Joe!
Phrasal Verb – ask. ask along, ask around, ask for, ask out
Picture speculation – it’s the fourth, going to work, meet friends, bored, taking a shower, get a taxi, go to the supermarket, bread, sausage, wine, barbecue.
50 Very Short Conversations (showing displeasure) – You overslept! What day is it? It’s Monday. Do I have to work today? Yes, you do. I should get up now. Pattern – I sometimes _____ . Which is your favorite day of the week?
Modal Verbs – ability: can/could possibility: may/might/could/can necessity: must advice: should obligation: must/have to future: will/shall asking for permission: informal – can / formal – may / polite – could / would
As always, I will take a picture of the whiteboard so that you can take a closer look after watching the live stream today. Thank you for joining me today.
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