38 Replies to “Making the most accurate "Constantine" zippo lighter movieprop replica”

  1. Watching this was awesome. Still have and love my Constantine (TV show) lighter you did.
    My favorite in my collection by far, and my daily use zippo. You really should do more videos. I'd love to see how the new Constantine (TV) zippos are made!

  2. hello shadowrunner, i'm form Vietnam, may i ask you a question? how can you make the side's detail, i'm going draw it by corel and illustrator. is it possible?

  3. Truly beautiful, so before thinking about spending the large chunk of change for these beauts are they as close to the prop original as possible ? Also do you have a depth for the engravings. I am wondering if after a couple years of use the engravings will wear off.

  4. 3 years later, I still have my Constantine lighter from this person. Amazing quality, and the hinge has never loosened up.
    I think mine is the only one that also has a pipe lighter insert made by shadowrunner101.

    Dont be fooled by the chinese knock offs, the lighters made by shadowrunner101 are the best Constantine lighter money can buy.

  5. Hello again! A few years ago I purchased this lighter. It's still in perfect condition and it's still a work of art.

    My question is: How did you get to be so good at this? Are you a prop maker? Do you work with etchings and metals and such?

    Where would one even begin to look if they wanted to take up a similar hobby?

  6. From where you find that size of insert,it is a genuine zippo insert and if it is from which zippo model you take it,thanks.

  7. I ordered one of these lighters, he makes it in a few weeks.
    This is an absolutely amazing job, an exact replica of the lighter of the movie ! One could even say that it is even better ! 😀
    I am totally satisfied, it is expensive, but well worth it.
    Thank you very much ! 😉 Great job !

  8. HI!
    i saw that you were making these and i was wondering.
    if you have the DC direct shotgun replica and if so have you tried to repaint it?
    please let me know asap

  9. This is so neat. I would love to buy one but I can't see spending $400 on a lighter, although it's well worth the hard work put into it. Good job man, it's great to see craftsmanship of this level on YouTube. Thanks for the good watch!

  10. i don't have any inserts in stock, but for $5 plus a couple of bucks for shipping, i can sent you a ready to install cam+new rivet

  11. I sell them for $400 a piece. They take 8 hours per lighter to make and they are not cheap to make….so, no i can't sell 5 of them for $480

  12. how much would you charge for just the lighter insert with the elongated cam? I bought one online from a different seller and i can't change the flint because the screw at thr bottom of the lighter insert won't come off

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